Cisco ONS 15800 Series DWDM Platforms

Field Notice 14926: ONS15801 Configuration File, Log File or File System Corruption with Q3 Agent only

August 21, 2001

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Problem Description

The Control and Monitoring Processor Module (CMP) file system is stored on a removable compact flash disk. There is a problem whereby an individual configuration file, log file, or the entire file system can become corrupted. This does not affect data transported by the optical system. This issue can occur when any file within the file system is open for writing at the time that the CMP is reset. When the CMP attempts to restart after the reset, it is unable to do so due to the file or file system corruption. This problem does not affect traffic, however it does remove the ability to monitor the node(s) which the CMP controls and the associated linecards.


The occurrence of this problem is normally very rare due to the limited occupancies whereby a file will be open for writing. However, should "Persistency" be enabled within a node, the alarm and the performance monitoring log files will be opened frequently. Due to this fact, the occurrence of file or file system corruption is significantly increased. This problem will not be visible on systems running either the TL1 agent or the proprietary agent because neither of these agents allow configuration of "Persistency"

Problem Symptoms

When this problem occurs, the CMP will not be able to complete the boot phase or reach the operating conditions and will eventually keep on rebooting. There is no visual display indicating the problem except that the LED displaying the level of CMP functionality will not provide the correct display.



The workaround to reduce and effectively eliminate the occurrences of this problem is to disable Persistency within the node. To do this, the file "persistent" should be deleted from the file system and the CMP restarted. The workaround has the drawback that each scanner that was previously created on the CMP is lost after a reset.


Should the problem exist within a CMP, the recovery method is different depending upon whether it is an individual file or the entire file system which has become corrupted. However, the diagnosis of this is the same.

The process to diagnose this is documented in the ONS 15800 CMP Diagnosis Procedure.

Once the diagnosis is made as to whether this is a file problem or a file system problem, the resolution is:

  1. Individual File Problem

    Perform the recovery documented in the ONS 15800 CMP Diagnosis Procedure.

  2. File System Problem

    RMA the CMP using the standard RMA process.


This problem will be resolved in a sustaining release of the Q3 agent compatible with Cisco Photonics Manager (CPM) release 2.3.0. The release will be version 2.0.2 and is estimated to be available as of the last week of September. The release will allow for maintaining the persistency of scanners.


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CMP files or the CMP file system can become corrupted.

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