Cisco Element Manager System

Field Notice: Cisco EMF 3.0.4 DB Reallocator Tool Needs to Be Executed Prior to Service Connection Manager 2.2(1) Upgrade

June 14, 2001

Products Affected



Element Manager Service Connection Manager (SCM) 2.2(1)


Problem Description

The user cannot deploy connection objects and the ObjectStore logs a "PSR Reach Exceeded" exception in the c6400Controller.log. This problem may occur in SCM Release 2.0(1) and SCM Release 2.1(1) environments, where the c6400Controller.db database file approaches 680 MB in size. This situation is a result of a database that contains 100 or more Cisco 6400 chassis, each with a few thousand virtual circuit (VC) connections. There are potentially other object combinations that can cause this situation to occur. Environments that originate using SCM Release 2.2(1a) do not experience this problem.


Any CEMF database originating using SCM Release 2.0(1) or SCM Release 2.1(1) requires that you perform a reallocation on the c6400Controller.db file, even if the system is to be upgraded to SCM Release 2.2(1a). The required process is:

  1. Run the reallocator tool on the c6400Controller.db database file before you upgrade to SCM Release 2.2(1a).

  2. After the reallocation is complete, upgrade to SCM Release 2.2(1a).

The documentation and software for the database reallocator tool is available to you through the following FTP site:


Username: anonymous

Password: Your email address

Directory: /Reallocator_tool_CEMF3.0.4

Filename: Reallocator_tool_CEMF3.0.4.tar.Z (Reallocator Software) reallocatFAQ.PDF (Reallocator Frequently Asked Questions)

This is a temporary access location for the Reallocator tool until the software becomes available on CCO at the following URL:

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods: