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Field Notice: ATM User Service Module (AUSM) Configuration File Upload Fails

May 25, 2001

Products Affected






Problem Description

If one of the products listed above has greater than 978 connections added to it, a TFTP configuration file upload to Cisco Wan Manager (CWM) fails. The failure is due to a timeout of the TFTP operation.


The MGX8220 release 5.0.16 was released with AUSM file "ausm_8t1e1_5.0.14.fw" instead of "ausm_8t1e1_5.0.15.fw". The TFTP configuration file upload fails because release 5.0.16 introduced new elements in the configuration file which requires more memory.

When one of the products listed above has more than 978 connections added, the configuration file size exceeds the 400 KB of memory allocated for temporary storage of the configuration file. The result is that the configuration file upload to CWM fails.

Problem Symptoms

On an AUSM-8 running AUSM firmware 5.0.14 with channels configured greater than 978, the configuration uploads ( tftp of the .CF file) from CWM fails due to a time-out. Below is a symptom of this problem.

espsv2# tftp axisfdr1
tftp> bin
tftp> get AXIS_SM_1_10.CF
Transfer timed out.

Note: There may be other reasons for TFTP timeouts, including network congestion and unavailability of the requested file. This field notice discusses one possible cause of the AUSM-8 configuration file TFTP failure.


As part of the solution to this issue, the size of the configuration file memory was increased from 400 KB to 420 KB. This increase will take care of the additional memory required to support the new configuration elements. A new AUSM-8 image, ausm_8t1e1_5.0.15.fw , will be built to incorporate this fix and this will be released as part of the AXIS release 5.0.16 bundle, instead of ausm_8t1e1_5.0.14.fw.

Users who have downloaded MGX8220 Release 5.0.16 from CCO between the dates of May 8, 2001 and May 21, 2001 should verify whether the AUSM-8 file they downloaded is "ausm_8t1e1_5.0.15.fw". If the AUSM firmware is not "ausm_8t1e1_5.0.15.fw" go to CCO and download Release 5.0.16. This release was reloaded onto CCO Software Center on May 21, 2001.


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CSCdu26245 (registered customers only)

TFTP to get AUSM-8T1 config file failed due to time out

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