Cisco Element Manager System

Field Notice: CEMF - High Number of Active Toolkit Sessions May Cause Core Dump Over Time

Updated June 29, 2001

May 15, 2001

Products Affected



CEMF 3.0.4

Including all patches up to patch 14.

CEMF 3.1

No comments.

Problem Description

If users have a large number of toolkit sessions open over a period of time, this will cause the ciscoModuleMan.sysmgr to core dump. The length of time that the core dump may occur is related to the number of toolkit sessions which are open, and the length of time that these sessions have been left opened.

For example, with 10 active users and 10 inactive users, a core dump may take about an hour to occur. For a single user, it will take considerably longer.

The problem is due to a leakage of the file descriptor.

Problem Symptoms

CEMF's GUIs close and core dumps may occur in the ciscoModuleMan.sysmgr.


This problem is being addressed and will be in patch 15. To prevent the problem now, users should periodically close, and open, their CEMF toolkit sessions. This will reset their file descriptors back to zero avoiding the leakage going past the present limit.

If the user has already created the problem, a CEMF stop and start will clear the problem.

Patch 15 is targeted for release on July 4, 2001.

For More Information

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