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Field Notice: Dynamic Configuration of SS7 Link State Is Not Checkpointed

Updated June 18, 2001
Updated April 9, 2001
April 6, 2001

Products Affected

Product Comments
SC2200   Duplex system configurations  
VSC3000   Duplex system configurations  

Problem Description

Dynamically adding a Signaling System 7 (SS7) link to an SC2200 or VSC3000 is successful, but the state of the SS7 link is not being replicated to the standby side of a duplex system.

When the link is added, it is install busy (INB) on both the active and standby units. The link is then manually put in-service (IS) on the active unit. It should go IS.

When this new configuration is copied to the standby unit by running a prov-sync or prov-deploy command, the new link will be INB on the standby side rather than out-of-service standby (OOS STBY). When the system fails over to the links in this condition (through manual or system action), the links will go to the INB state and will stay OOS until they are manually put IS.


This issue has been seen in test labs and is being worked to resolution on DDTS CSCdt85054.

The issue has been reported in the 7.4(11) release, but it is believed to affect releases prior to 7.4(11) as well.

Problem Symptoms

Dynamic addition of SS7 links to an SC/VSC node causes the links on the standby side to stay in the INB state rather than OOS STBY.

This has the potential to cause a service outage if the system fails over to the standby without having had the links on the inactive side enabled manually. When the system fails over to the inactive side, the new links will be INB when the standby side takes over control activity.


After dynamically adding an SS7 link to an SC2200 or VSC3000 and bringing that link to IS on the active side of the system, use the prov-sync command to copy the configuration to the duplex unit. The administrator should check the status of the link on the inactive controller. If the link on the inactive side is INB, the administrator should schedule and perform a restart on the inactive side of the system. After restarting the inactive unit of the system, the links should go into OOS STBY and be available to take over activity in the event of a failover.

Note: If the system fails over and these standby links have not been manually activated, there is the potential for a service outage, since the links will stay INB until they are returned to service manually.

This issue is resolved with Patch 40 of the 7.4(11) release.


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DDTS Description
CSCdt85054 Dynamic configuration of SS7 link state is not checkpointed.

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