Cisco 7000 Series Routers

Field Notice: RM7000 Processors Execute Instructions Incorrectly

Updated February 21, 2002

May 9, 2001

Products Affected

  • NPE-300

  • RSP8

  • Cisco 7140

  • VIP4-50

  • VIP4-80

Problem Description

A Cisco RM7000 processor that is used by an NPE-300, RSP8, VIP4-50, VIP4-80, and the Cisco 7140 router might cause the router to execute instructions incorrectly or not at all. This situation may result in memory corruption or reload.

Note:?This problem does not exist on the NPE-400.


This issue is the result of a bug found in Cisco IOS® Software version 12.0(7)T, DDTS number CSCdp99255. This bug exists in all versions of 12.0T and early versions of 12.0S.

Problem Symptoms

The router crashes, and when the subsequent crashinfo is analysed, you find that a CPU register contains a value which is actually impossible for it to have if the processor was working correctly. That is, the processor doesn't execute an instruction that it should have.



There is no workaround.


Cisco recommends not to use Cisco IOS 12.0T images and to use one of the following images or later: 12.1(4)DC, 12.1(4)DB, 12.1(2.03)E01, 12.1(2)E01, 12.1(3.004), 12.1(3.04)T, 12.1(3.04)AA, 12.1(3.04)PI, 12.0(10)ST02, 12.0(10)S, 12.0(10)SC, 12.0(10.01)S, 12.0(10.03)SC, and 12.0(10)ST.


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CSCdp99255 (registered customers only)

RM7000 appears to skip instructions

CSCdr69415 (registered customers only)

Patching CSCdp99255 to Cisco IOS software release 12.1 for erroneous router crash

CSCdr10253 (registered customers only)

Adapting CSCdp99255 to rsp/vip: R7K may skip instructions

For More Information

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