Cisco 12 Series IP Phones

Field Notice: 12SP+/30VIP Telephone International Power Cube Potential Safety Hazard

April 5, 2001

Products Affected




AU = Australia


CE = Continental Europe


UK = United Kingdom

Problem Description

A potential safety hazard may occur when the 12SP+/30VIP telephone is not used with international power converter cubes and power cords provided by Cisco. Some non-Cisco-approved power cords may fit too snugly into the cube AC power supply inlet receptacle ("the receptacle"). In this situation the receptacle may be dislodged from the cube housing when attempts are made to extract the power cord plug. If the receptacle becomes dislodged, the user may be exposed to live terminals at high voltage.



The receptacle must allow easy insertion and extraction of the power cord plug for safe use.

A single site in Australia has reported that third-party AC power cord plugs fitted too snugly into the power cube. As a result, the receptacle became dislodged when efforts were made to extract the third-party AC power cord plug.

There have been no reported instances of this hazard when both the power cord and power cube provided by Cisco are used.

We have reported this potential hazard to the Technical Inspection Association (T?V) and Underwriter's Laboratories (UL). The manufacturer of the third-party power cord has also been notified.

Problem Symptoms

When the third-party, non-Cisco AC power cord plugs are inserted into the international power cube for the 12SP+/30VIP telephones, the fit is extremely tight.

When the user attempts to extract the AC power cord plug, the receptacle may become dislodged from the power supply housing. If this happens the user may be exposed to live terminals at high voltage.



If non-Cisco-provided power cords and power cubes are being used, customers should immediately inspect the cords and cubes to determine whether this safety hazard may be an issue. Prior to such an inspection the power cord should be disconnected from the wall socket. There is no safety hazard if the power cord is disconnected from the wall socket.

If the customer suspects that the power cord plug may fit too snugly into the receptacle, the customer should immediately warn all users to always disconnect the power cord from the wall socket before removing the power cord from the receptacle.

The customer should also take immediate steps to replace the hazardous products with safety-compliant products. The model numbers for Cisco's part numbers are:




How To Identify Hardware Levels

Power converter cubes that may be affected display one or both of the following model/part numbers on the label:

  • 34-0947-01

  • AP3650EF


For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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