Cisco Aironet 340 Series

Field Notice: Cisco Aironet WGB340 Series: Cannot Associate on Initial Power Up

December 22, 2000

Products Affected


Top Assembly

Printed Circuit Assembly


HW Rev.

Part Number


Part Number



? ? ? ? ? ?


? ? ? ? ? ?


? ? ? ? ? ?


? ? ? ? ? ?

Serial Numbers

Sequential #

Random #

From 1FH88001000 To 1FH88001891 From 1FJ88001000 To 1FJ88001355 From 1FK88001000 To 1FK88004150 From 1FL88001000 To 1FL88002506


Problem Description

The radio on certain units may become unseated from its motherboard connection during the shipping process. This results in the unit becoming Dead On Arrival (DOA) with indications that the radio will not associate.


The annealed metal bracket on some motherboards do not pass a drop test. The metal is soft enough to allow the radio to partially unseat, breaking electical connection.

Problem Symptoms

Upon initial power up, the radio does not associate to the wireless LAN.

If the unit functions on initial installation, there is no issue. This problem only manifests itself if the radio is dislodged during shipment, or dropped during installation.

If the unit is mounted on a wall using the screw slots on the back of the housing, gravity tends to seat the radio into its connection.


Units at the field level should be returned using the standard RMA process. Units in second tier distribution should be returned through Customer Service.

Following identification of the brackets with the improper temper, a line stop has been initiated to correct the manufacturing process. Current vendor and assembly processes verify the bracket's temper prior to installation.

Units with a serial number begining with SEK are NOT impacted by the bracket problem.

How To Identify Hardware Levels

The units with incorrect brackets can only be identified through serial numbers, or by actually opening the unit housing.

The serial number ranges for the affected units are: AIR-WGB341C 1FH88001000 to 1FH88001891 AIR-WGB341R 1FJ88001000 to 1FJ88001355 AIR-WGB342C 1FK88001000 to 1FK88004150 AIR-WGB342R 1FL88001000 to 1FL88002506

Units with a serial number begining with SEK are NOT impacted by the bracket problem.

Opening the housing requires a "Star Safety" driver (six pointed head with a hollow center). The mounting bracket has two tabs at the end of the radio. If these brackets are NOT bent down at a 20 degree angle, then the unit has one of the faulty, annealed brackets. If the bracket tabs have been bent down AND are fairly easy to deform to another position, the brackets are defective. If the tabs are bent and they spring back 100% to a 20 degree deviation, then the brackets are acceptable.

If the radio card has moved back from its connection, it can be reseated.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods: