Cisco 7800 Series Media Convergence Servers

Field Notice: Incorrect Documentation for Changing the SQLSvc Account Password

November 6, 2000

Products Affected



All versions of CallManager 3.0


Problem Description

A procedure for changing the password for the SQLSvc user account is given in the Post Installation Section of the Installation Guide. This procedure is not complete. Additional steps must be taken to ensure password synchronization is achieved and database replication is not affected.


Users are instructed to change the SQLSvc user account password in the Installation Guide. The procedure is documented incorrectly and causes problems for the user.

Problem Symptoms

No problems are immediately apparent. However, upon reboot some services fail to start and database synchronization is no longer possible.


If the SQLSvc user account has been changed, use the following procedure on each CallManager to make sure password synchronization is achieved. If this password was never changed, no action is necessary.

Note:?Failure to complete the procedure on each CallManager could cause some services to fail and database synchronization to be impossible upon reboot.

  1. Select Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Computer Management.

  2. Click the "+" sign beside Local Users and Groups in the left column.

  3. Click on Users.

  4. Right click on SQLSvc in the right column and select Set Password.

  5. Enter the new Password and Confirm Password.

  6. Click OK to confirm and close the change password dialog box.

  7. Click the "+" sign beside Services and Applications in the left column.

  8. Click on Services.

  9. In the right column click and highlight MSSQLServer.

  10. Right click MSSQLServer and select Properties.

  11. Select the Log On Tab.

  12. Change the password and confirm the password to match the SQLSvc user password set in step 5 above.

  13. Click OK to return to the Services list.

  14. Click and Highlight SQLServerAgent.

  15. Right click SQLServerAgent and select Properties.

  16. Select the Log On Tab.

  17. Change the password to match the SQLSvc user password set in step 5 above.

  18. Click OK to return to the Services List.

  19. Close the Computer Management window.

  20. Select Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Component Services.

  21. Click the "+" sign beside Component Services.

  22. Click the "+" sign beside Computers.

  23. Click the "+" sign beside My Computer.

  24. Click the "+" sign beside COM+ Applications.

  25. Right click on DBL and select Properties.

  26. Click on the Identity tab.

  27. Change the password and confirm the password to match the SQLSvc user password set in step 5 above.

  28. Click OK to go back to the Component Manager.

  29. Right click Dbl and click Shut Down.

  30. Right click Dbl and click Start.

  31. Close the Component Manager window.


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CSCds35388 (registered customers only)

AVVID: Call Manager 3.0 Installation Guide Incorrect Document 78-10861-01 Installing Cisco CallManager Release 3.0 on the Cisco Media Convergence Server. Page 17 - Post Installation Instructions asks the Installer to change the passwords for CCMAdmin and SQLSvc. This is incorrect. Changing these passwords can destroy Cluster Replication between Publishers and Subscribers. It can also prevent upgrades on these servers.

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