Cisco ONS 15454 Series Multiservice Provisioning Platforms

Field Notice: Provisioning Point-to-Point Ethernet Circuits in ONS 15454 Software Version 2.2

September 14, 2000

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Problem Description

Cannot provision 3c or 6c Ethernet circuits after provisioning other Ethernet circuits when bandwidth should be available.


This problem was discovered during testing at a customer's site.

Problem Symptoms

In a system with multiple Ethernet circuits provisioned in a point-to-point configuration, you are unable to provision the entire 12c bandwidth in a mixed configuration. For example, two 3c Ethernet circuits have been created, but you are unable to create a 6c circuit on the remaining bandwidth.


In version 2.2 of the ONS 15454 software, you can configure each E100T and E1000-2 card as a single-card EtherSwitch to allow Synchronous Transport Signal (STS) 12c worth of bandwidth to be dropped at each node in a point-to-point configuration. This functionality is only available if you provision your circuits according to one of the following scenarios:

  1. 1 12c Circuit

  2. 2 6c Circuits

  3. 1 6c Circuit, then 2 3c Circuits

  4. 1 6c Circuit, then 6 STS-1 Circuits

  5. 2 3c Circuits, then 6 STS-1 Circuits

  6. 4 3c Circuits

  7. 12 STS-1 Circuits

You must create the Ethernet circuits in according to one of the scenarios listed above to use the entire 12c worth of bandwidth. If you do not follow one of the scenarios listed above, you will not be able to use the entire 12c worth of bandwidth on that Ethernet card. These scenarios are the only supported configurations for using the full 12c bandwidth using the Single-Card EtherSwitch mode.

Note:?If you have already provisioned an Ethernet circuit of 3c or greater, you need to delete the existing circuits and reprovision using one of the scenarios above.

For More Information

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