Cisco Catalyst 6000 Series Switches

Field Notice: WS-X6608-T1/E1 Requires Catalyst OS 5.5(3) or Later to Avoid LoadID Failures

Updated September 15, 2000

September 11, 2000

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Problem Description

The WS-X6608-T1 and WS-X6608-E1 modules require a minimum version of Catalyst OS 5.5.3 to avoid potentially encountering LoadID mismatch problems between Call Manager 3.x and Catalyst OS releases 5.5(1) or 5.5(2).

These boards can work with earlier versions of Catalyst OS (for example, 5.5(1) or 5.5(2)), as long as the specific workarounds listed below are followed.


Inserting a WS-X6608-T1 or WS-X6608-E1 module after installing a Call Manager 3.x patch has the potential to cause mismatches between the board LoadIDs stored in Catalyst OS and Call Manager LoadID tables. This mismatch will result in WS-X6608 board problems.

This is a Catalyst OS software problem that can be fixed by upgrading to Catalyst OS 5.5(3) or later, or following the workarounds below. Replacing the line module will not fix this problem.

Problem Symptoms

WS-X6608-T1 and WS-X6608-E1 modules do not respond after installation and are not recognized by the Catalyst 6500 supervisor modules running Catalyst OS 5.5(1) or 5.5(2).

Replacing the module does not fix the problem.


Catalyst OS 5.5(3) and later will fix this problem if it appears after a Call Manager 3.x upgrade.

Please use this workaround if an upgrade to Catalyst 5.5(3) from 5.5(1) or 5.5(2) is not possible.

The WS-X6608-T1/E1 boards are shipped with two default Load IDs. One LoadID is used for the main board identification, and the other is used for the digital signal processor (DSP) Load output. The default LoadID for the main board processor is D004F300.bin; the default LoadID for the Display module is D005B300.bin.

  1. If you have a version of Catalyst OS earlier than 5.5.3 running on your Catalyst 6500, make sure that the default LoadID information for Digital Access WS-X6608 on the Cisco CallManager 3.x points to the same LoadID as the board.

    To verify the default LoadID:

    • Log in to the Cisco CallManager administration page.

    • From the System Menu, select Device Default.

    • Look for load information in the Digital Access WS-x6608 row.

  2. If the WS-X6608 module is installed and the default LoadID between the module and CallManager does not match, reset the module a few times to break the non-responsive state. Resetting the module forces the card to reregister with CallManager. If resetting the card does not bring the module out of a non-responsive state, upgrade the Catalyst OS to 5.5(3) or higher.

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