Cisco AS5300 Series Universal Gateways

Field Notice: *Expired* FN - 12860 - H.323 and SIP Issues in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1(3)T and 12.1(3a)T1

Revised December 8, 2006

August 11, 2000




Products Affected



Cisco AS5300

If requiring H.323 and SIP features.

Cisco AS5800

If requiring H.323 and SIP features.

Cisco 2600

If requiring H.323 and SIP features.

Cisco 3600

If requiring H.323 and SIP features.

Cisco 7200 Series

If requiring H.323 and SIP features.

Cisco MC3810

If requiring H.323 and SIP features.

Cisco IOS ED Release 12.1(3)T

If requiring H.323 and SIP features.

Cisco IOS ED Release 12.1(3a)T1

If using H.323 and SIP features.

Cisco IOS XED Release 12.1(3)XI

XED Release that will migrate to 12.1(3a)XI4 for maintenance fixes.

Problem Description

Cisco does not recommend Cisco IOS Releases 12.1(3)T and 12.1(3a)T1 for networks using the H.323 and SIP Voice support on the products affected above.

Cisco IOS 12.1(3)T and 12.1(3a)T1 will not be deferred, due to H.323 or SIP issues, so other networks not requiring H.323 or SIP will continue to have their solution images available.


H.323 and SIP issues have been traced to a software code change that was made in the handling of voice calls in 12.1(3)T. Major H.323 and SIP code modification has been made in 12.1(3a)XI to provide a solution to the issues encountered in 12.1(3)T and 12.1(3a)T1.

Cisco has removed 12.1(3)T images, for other issues, from CCO IOS Upgrade Planner and new orders as of July 24, 2000. Customers not requiring the H.323 or SIP Voice support are recommended to move to 12.1(3a)T1 or later 12.1T releases.

For more details on the removed images you can view the Cisco IOS Release 12.1(3) and 12.1(3)T Deferral Alert (registered customers only) .

Problem Symptoms

Numerous functionality and stability issues when using H.323 and SIP Voice support features in 12.1(3)T and 12.1(3a)T1. Cisco highly recommends to not use the affected releases.


No Workaround. Cisco recommends H.323 and SIP users to:

  • Migrate to Cisco IOS Release 12.2(1) when available. See Software Migration Recommendation Section for details.

  • Migrate to Cisco IOS X ED Release rebuild 12.1(3a)XI4.

    • To view software fixes in 12.1(3a)XI4, see the table below.

    • For more details on 12.1(3)XI go to:

      Note: Cisco IOS XED release 12.1(3a)XI has created rebuilds to provide a stable release. A rebuild is code from a previous build that adds new software fixes only. The reasons for the rebuilds are detailed below.

    • Cisco IOS XED Release 12.1(3a)XI1 has been deferred to deliver 12.1(3a)XI2 rebuild release.

    • Cisco IOS XED Release 12.1(3a)XI2 has been replaced to deliver 12.1(3a)XI3 rebuild release available. 12.1(3a)XI2 will continue to be available on CCO, but not available through new spare or system orders.

    • Cisco IOS XED Release 12.1(3a)XI3 has been replaced to deliver 12.1(3a)XI4 rebuild release. 12.1(3a)XI3 will continue to be available on CCO, but not available through new spare or system orders.

Cisco IOS Solution for H.323 and SIP Support

Cisco IOS Major Release

Cisco IOS Maintenance Release

Available (Forecast)












To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.

12.1(3a)XI1 Software Fixes



CSCdr85676 (registered customers only)

OSP:DSP dangling after 3-5 hours. No DSP available after 7-8

CSCdr14419 (registered customers only)

GK hangs if GW-priority is specified on its configuration

CSCds18035 (registered customers only)

DS0 Inuse channel statistics not incremented for 2 stage dialing

CSCds16002 (registered customers only)

Voice rtp send-receive, voice call send-alerting CLI broken

CSCds09190 (registered customers only)

ATM OAM function broken for many encapsulations

CSCdr69198 (registered customers only)

Voice GW try reselect 2nd priority line for invalid/unassigned number

CSCdr68100 (registered customers only)

Memleak found in MGCPAPP when dns lookup failed

CSCds04821 (registered customers only)

PlaceCall with bad arguments caused router to crash

CSCds10031 (registered customers only)

Remote IP address is not set in AAA record for RAS call

CSCdr81723 (registered customers only)

Only one-way voice on H.323 outbound to SS7 call with COT test

CSCds06345 (registered customers only)

GW crashing under stress after approx. 30 min.

CSCds16642 (registered customers only)

Atlantis-II: 5400 Crash running DTMF-Relay Stress

CSCds04307 (registered customers only)

H245 TCP socket uses KEEPALIVE OPTION and TPKT mesg dump cap missing

CSCds04301 (registered customers only)

NOTIFY Message from Call Manager causes call to drop

CSCds00082 (registered customers only)

FXS Port hung (unusable) after call aborted for RSVP failure

CSCds14243 (registered customers only)

Compile error when building c4gwy-rommon-mz

CSCdr88066 (registered customers only)

Rommon resets repeatedly

CSCdr98207 (registered customers only)

No ringback from 5300 over R2 when connected to Call Manager

CSCds04011 (registered customers only)

T.38 Fax relay failure on PI image

CSCds06942 (registered customers only)

Half duplex talk path on remote IP phone to PSTN

CSCds20545 (registered customers only)

Memory leak in SESSION application during stress

CSCds07390 (registered customers only)

4610/4609 Errors on 26xx/36xx VPN Hardware

CSCdr72734 (registered customers only)

No Voice path with analog FXS when FsCRTP is configured

CSCds07546 (registered customers only)

Playout-delay info no shown in show voice-port

CSCds03810 (registered customers only)

SegV exception with csim command

CSCds05728 (registered customers only)

Set LED alarm CLI broken

CSCdr96073 (registered customers only)

RSVP-ATM: Add support for DS3/E3 interfaces

CSCds03834 (registered customers only)

Chopin: T1-PRI: %CHOPIN-3-TSBUSY, traceback, voice tdm connection

CSCds06148 (registered customers only)

Memory leak in 48 hr stress test for bowie verbs in skynyrd

CSCdr93392 (registered customers only)

Bus error at PC 0x60D416F0, address 0xD0D0D11

CSCdr87297 (registered customers only)

Need to pass Codeset 7 Display IE for outgoing calls

CSCds10094 (registered customers only)

MGCP gateway cannot connect more than 48 simultaneously active calls

CSCds12780 (registered customers only)

MGCP NTFY message took too long to send to active CA after DNSlookup

CSCds00977 (registered customers only)

Fix all NET3 network side (otello) compliance issues

CSCds13727 (registered customers only)

Otello - BRI calls do not pass if two sides make simultaneous

CSCds13086 (registered customers only)

Router crashes when making a voice call which uses IVR

CSCdr95458 (registered customers only)

No DSP detailed stats when sh vo c 1/0:0.1

CSCdr94070 (registered customers only)

SW transcoder do not work

CSCdr93178 (registered customers only)

Busyout monitor not available on analog voice-port config

CSCdr89094 (registered customers only)

Line protocol goes down with LFI and frag delay of 30ms

CSCdr60840 (registered customers only)

Multiple accounting records for VoIP leg have msec durations

CSCdr93943 - AS5300 (registered customers only)

Adding DSP peek/poke functionality for AS5300

CSCdr69181 - asvoice-AS5800 (registered customers only)

COT_CHECK_TONE_ON fails with no dsp

CSCdr85282 - AS5800 (registered customers only)

B3: SNMP incoming connection completion stats incorrect

CSCdr13787 - h323 (registered customers only)

H.245 TCS audioCapability codec max audio frames value incorrect

CSCds01292 -h323 (registered customers only)

H245 may use the VAD flag from remotes OLC instead of dial-peer cfg

CSCdr76091 -h323 - AS5800 (registered customers only)

Netmeeting crashed router after the miniSync

CSCdr80792 - isdn (registered customers only)

CT3/T1 PRI crashes during long (20hr) test cycle

CSCdr50892 -h323 (registered customers only)

GW ignores GK messages if not sourced from original port

CSCdr88288 -h323 -AS5800 (registered customers only)

TV5800:dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric negotiation failed

CSCdr91903 -h323- (registered customers only)

Aquila: term GW not sending TCS as first message on H.245 Tunnel

CSCdr30423 - voice-callcontroll - 2600 (registered customers only)

CNG RTP Packet missing SSRC

CSCds00696 - lanpbx-trunk - ICS7700 (registered customers only)

Gershwin: Slot-OK LED not controllable by Cisco IOS

CSCdr86655 - h323 - ICS7700 (registered customers only)

Cannot break 2nd dialtone when call through IP to E & M connection

CSCdr94249 - h323 - Interworking Signaling Enhancements (registered customers only)

QSIG features broken

CSCdr53277- trunk - CT3-CAS (registered customers only)

Crash on T1 CAS thru CT3

CSCdr93662 - fax-vfc -5300 (registered customers only)

Interoperability with Sharp FO-2150CM

CSCdr95343 -os-c4gwy (registered customers only)

Enable data-pipeling

CSCdr97378 - c4gwy (registered customers only)

Chopin e1t1 memory leak

CSCds00476 - c4gwy (registered customers only)

Crash following a Transcoder call

CSCdr97076 - voice-ivr -5300 (registered customers only)

Memory leak in XI.0.3 during stress test

CSCdr66343 - ipsec- all (registered customers only)

Tracebacks and BADSHARE errors when running crypto

12.1(3a)XI2 Software Fixes



CSCds08070 (registered customers only)

Initial RTP packet has incorrect seq nr and timestamp

CSCdr58924 (registered customers only)

Bus Error Reload at radius_do_accounting

CSCds19899 (registered customers only)

Call duration is router up time for failed calls

CSCds21385 (registered customers only)

Netbooting fails for large images

CSCdr87025 (registered customers only)

Handoff return leg_all fails if called script disconnects a leg

CSCds23245 (registered customers only)

Ivr: Invalid context set for events while call Handoff between applications

CSCds21114 (registered customers only)

Transient ICMP unreachable causes call to be disconnected

CSCds23347 (registered customers only)

Router crashes after 3 hrs of stress test

CSCdr72519 (registered customers only)

Return_from_860_exception trashed r6

CSCds02140 (registered customers only)

MIPS not released after switchover to lower complexity codec

CSCds32218 (registered customers only)

Potential conflict between channel-group and ds0-group config

CSCdr31485 (registered customers only)

After g.729 stress test, 1 in 24 g.711u calls always fails

CSCds22454 (registered customers only)

Failed to update state according to group service message from SC

CSCds08427 (registered customers only)

[PDSN-LT] R-P sessions fails to come up with ip tcp header-compress

CSCdr93392 (registered customers only)

Bus error at PC 0x60D416F0, address 0xD0D0D11

CSCds14307 (registered customers only)

MRP Alarm LED is always ON (yellow):ICS7750

CSCds17453 (registered customers only)

Autoboot state machine partially broken

CSCds18311 (registered customers only)

NFAS controlled ds0 state not mapped to Resource Monitor

CSCds31048 (registered customers only)

H323 GW does not update remote IP address when uses aternate-endpt

CSCds24269 (registered customers only)

H323 GW memory leak with alternate end-points tokens

CSCds26856 (registered customers only)

H323 GW: IP calls dangling

CSCds32426 (registered customers only)

3600 crashes with Software Forced Crash every 16-18 hours

CSCdr86052 (registered customers only)

Router crashes at bootup if there are 256M SDRAM

CSCds20018 (registered customers only)

Re-negotiate B-Chan needs to be done for CDAPI

CSCds11547 (registered customers only)

Global disconnect (rel with uuie) is not working

CSCds40516 (registered customers only)

Red Zone Crash following certain GigaBit traffic pattern

CSCds17587 (registered customers only)

T1-CAS DSP not working if HW transcoder in use

CSCds00265 (registered customers only)

Called number is not retranslated if first call fails

CSCds13110 (registered customers only)

Choppy audio happen after loading some packets

CSCds26443 (registered customers only)

T38Fax: FastStart OLCs are encoded incorrectly in the SETUP message

12.1(3a)XI3 Software Fixes



CSCds42318 (registered customers only)

TV: AS5300 crashes when COT fails and negotiate bchan resend-setup

CSCds48278 (registered customers only)

T.38: Wrong Encoding of T38FaxOLC in the SETUP.

CSCds18585 (registered customers only)

No speech for 25th call and onward in NFAS configurations

CSCds39390 (registered customers only)

h323-incoming-conf-id wrong for long-pound

CSCds41606 (registered customers only)

NAS sends GROUP_SERVICE message repeatedly

CSCds18149 (registered customers only)

G729ar8 only performs 13ms of echo cancellation

CSCds31610 (registered customers only)

unexpected reload of the NAS when polling for voice statistics

CSCds20746 (registered customers only)

Traceback on Terminate GW - cch323_rtcp_send_event

CSCds39623 (registered customers only)

term GW remote address is set to

CSCds16175 (registered customers only)

Dynamic Codec Switching does not work properly

CSCds47805 (registered customers only)

Incorrect codec bytes used and set using do_cap_ind with codec lists

CSCdr81345 (registered customers only)

as5300 input queue full

CSCdr94729 (registered customers only)

2600 router crashes at mt90863_write_abm while booting

CSCds43080 (registered customers only)

NMHDV+WIC-2MFT-T1 Cannot support 48 trunked calls

CSCds42521 (registered customers only)

Spurious memory access in handle_rtc_event

CSCds42858 (registered customers only)

IpBind feature not sending the correct src address in H245/RTP packet

CSCds30928 (registered customers only)

R2 Incoming call fails

CSCdr94841 (registered customers only)

Poor voice quality due to adaptive de-jitter buffer not coping- HCMs

CSCds49913 (registered customers only)

Router crashes when it receives unknown error code from isdn switch

CSCds23283 (registered customers only)

Erroneous CDR RTT values (was Inaccuracies/typo in IOS CDR records)

CSCds45228 (registered customers only)

Unexpected reload when polling cpmCallCount

CSCds38895 (registered customers only)

Calls remain active after disconnect

CSCds11350 (registered customers only)

Single authentication multiple call crashed router

CSCds07326 (registered customers only)

Restart due to bus error at statem_command

CSCdr91706 (registered customers only)

Unexpected behavior when web enabled and browse to invalid url on sw

12.1(3a)XI4 Software Fixes



CSCds66637 (registered customers only)

Non linear transition white noise 6db too loud

CSCds53256 (registered customers only)

GW crashed during negative stress test

CSCds31647 (registered customers only)

Invalid disconnect cause for fax calls (0x3F)

CSCds50209 (registered customers only)

Lost packet counters increment during call negotiation

CSCds44227 (registered customers only)

DEBIT IVR does not work properly with second voip call

CSCds50303 (registered customers only)

Sync damage breaks outgoing SS7 COT and channel reselection

CSCds53722 (registered customers only)

Calling card gateway always reload when using pri signalling

CSCds41207 (registered customers only)

Resource monitor DSP stats incorrect for T1/CAS

CSCds41226 (registered customers only)

SYS-6-STACKLOW for process placecall causes mem corruption crash

CSCds34978 (registered customers only)

Crash caused by a bus error on an As5300 running (C5300-IS-M), Versi

CSCds43349 (registered customers only)

2620 has software forced reload after pasting MGCP commands

CSCds53306 (registered customers only)

5300 and 2600 GW not working correctly with Clarent Gatekeeper

CSCds30890 (registered customers only)

Router unable to decode cause code

CSCds62084 (registered customers only)

T38: T38 interoperability broken with Clarent

CSCdm88326 (registered customers only)

Shetland:5800:Inconsistent B-channel in debug isdn q931

CSCds55551 (registered customers only)

TV: call setup fails with release cause 0x10, normal call clearing

CSCds54466 (registered customers only)

Spurious memory access at 0x60F0B8C0

CSCds52358 (registered customers only)

SNMPv3 users disapear after power-cycle

CSCds57440 (registered customers only)

Spurious memory access at 0x60A1D610

Cisco IOS Versions Affected

Cisco IOS Images Not Recommended for Voice Networks

Cisco IOS Major Release

Cisco IOS Maintenance Release

Cisco IOS Images


12.1(3)T 12.1(3a)T1

c5300-*-mz, c5800-*-mz c2600-*-mz, c2620-*-mz c3620-*-mz, c3640-*-mz c3660-*-mz mc3810-*-mz, c7200-*-mz

Software Migration Recommendation

Previous migration recommendations were to use 12.1(5)T. Due to 12.1(5)T migration path being 12.2(1), Cisco recommends H.323 and SIP users to continue with 12.1(3)XI rebuilds which has a planned migration to 12.2 mainline. In the event there is a need to migrate to 12.1(5)T, the info below describes which 12.1(3a)XI software fixes have been integrated into 12.1(5)T.

Cisco IOS 12.1(3a)XI Migration

Migration From:

Software Fixes

Migration To:

12.1(3a)XI through 12.1(3a)XI3

All fixes integrated in each rebuild 12.1(3a)XI1 12.1(3a)XI2 12.1(3a)XI3

12.1(5)T, 12.2(1)


Not all software fixes integrated into 12.1(3a)XI4 made it into 12.1(5)T. Below is a list of the fixes that did make it into 12.1(5)T: CSCdm88326 CSCds41207 CSCds55551 CSCds62084 CSCds34978 CSCds44227 CSCds50303 CSCds57440 CSCds54466 CSCds53256 CSCds41226

12.1(5)T, 12.2(1)


Not all software fixes integrated into 12.1(3a)XI4 made it into 12.1(5)T. CSCds52358 CSCds43349 CSCds50209 CSCds53306 CSCds31647 CSCds30890 CSCds53722 CSCds66637


How to Update Software

Maintenance Solution:

To obtain the next maintenance releases, follow the instructions below:

Note: To follow the links below, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.

Software Downloading from CCO via World Wide Web (registered customers only) .

Go to Software Downloading Process (registered customers only) .

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