Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.1 Mainline

Field Notice: Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1(3) Build Exception

July 21, 2000

Products Affected

All Cisco products supported in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1 Mainline

Problem Description

Software fixes of Cisco IOS 12.1(2.4) interim build are not integrated in 12.1(3) mainline.

Other Cisco IOS Releases are not affected.

Problem Symptoms

Cisco IOS Software 12.1(3) maintenance release does not include the 12.1(2.4) integrated software repairs.

Cisco IOS upgrade planning for 12.1(3) should not include any software repairs that were integrated in 12.1(2.4)

Other present releases that build from Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1, the parent, include the software repairs integrated in 12.1(2.4) in its third maintenance release, as expected: Cisco IOS 12.1DA, 12.1E, 12.1EC, and 12.1T.





No Workaround


Cisco will defer all IOS Software Release 12.1(2.4) images to avoid regression issues with customers. Defect fixes integrated in 12.1(2.4) will be forwarded to 12.1(3.1) and beyond.

Cisco IOS Versions Affected

Major Release

Maintenance Release


Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1

Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.1(2.4), 12.1(3)


How To Upgrade Software

Maintenance Solution:

To obtain the next maintenance releases follow the instructions below:

Cisco IOS Planner Software Go to Software Downloading Process

Cisco IOS 12.1(2.4) Software Fixes

Software Fixes The following DDTS are not integrated in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1(3) mainline.

CSCdr54272 add src IP addr to the auth-proxy authentication request for Radius

CSCdr57360 Standby HA not able to retrieve all bindings.

CSCdr45305 CPUHOG by ISDN process, q931 MNL_RESET_REQ, in the background

CSCdr23562 SNMP agent counts ifInOctets twice for encrypted packets.

CSCdr24490 PGM: Needs to monitor interface deletions

CSCdr51872 Local flag not set for RP-discovery group

CSCdr07791 Z:TRP/RSP:aborting copy disk0: rcp: hangs console

CSCdr54231 BGP:NOTIFICATION messages should be logged by default

CSCdr51979 PQCBWFQ: internal queue limit of 64 for PQ can drop conforming pkts

CSCdr50228 kerberos/c5libs/libx/gitktpwd.c:possible memory leak

CSCdr44934 L2TP: Add port number back to reverse tunnel lookup

CSCdr52838 Add support for PA recovery from watchdog timer expiration

CSCdr43295 MIB implementation returns confusing results

CSCdr55543 show ver DSI should show one DSI fe Interface

CSCdr10712 ATA disk files are displayed with incorrect dates

CSCdr45656 Parse chain yields Ambiguous command for show hard

CSCdr55528 cant write crashinfo to disk

CSCdr56502 sh version ambiguous command on del/LATEST

CSCdr25350 FRTS dequeued counter is not cleared

CSCdr56638 Add support for m860T Rev D, part two

CSCdr48280 tcp/rcp.c:possible memory leaking

CSCdr41589 CASA CLI wildcards do not work

CSCdr45968 (RFE) Change code for better error condition handling

CSCdr49710 Software forced crash after isdn layer2 goes down under load

CSCdm91745 CLNS related crash with SegV, ether_addr_extract

CSCdp28501 POTENT: 8T1PA OIR back into 7200 caused spurious access

CSCdr26263 framing crc4 configuration command ignored by CE1

CSCdr49050 scripts/mksum_elf.c: possible derefence null pointer (ptr)

CSCdr45675 High CPU utilization on AS5300 with PRI

CSCdp58046 Channelized reset of idb->lastoutput breaks output stuck recovery

CSCdm61568 need formatted & aligned ouput for dir disk1: just like dir slot0:

CSCdr49829 FIB subblocks are not deleted on linecards

CSCdp31905 Adjacency entry gets deleted for static arp when interface is shut

CSCdr32441 Spurious memory access made at ipfib_arp_address

CSCdr45854 Mica unable to generate digits when dialing out on E1 R2

CSCdr05008 MC3810 to ignore incoming DTR signal on serial interface

CSCdr47978 Parser problem on configuring dtmf timer inter-digit

CSCdr54949 Freeing memory for route with out detaching from hash table

CSCdr52671 CSCdr36375 2.2.0 MIB: Low mem issues when configurable probes = 0

CSCdr29976 CAR not working on ISL trunking for c4500

CSCdr50215 Alignment correction made at 0x605FA7B4:bgp_vpnv4_routetype

CSCdk49544 CDP packets generated across MPPP bundle members (async)

CSCdp27902 Dialup link dropped if either end uses LQM

CSCdm58929 RPM: cant move a range of modems from one resource-pool to another

CSCdr31763 return V.120 cal as digital in cpmActiveCallSumaryTable

CSCdp11638 async mlp call w/out dialer i/fs should teardown since cloning fails

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