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Field Notice: UFM-C Hardware Revision W and Later Requires ZAS or ZBC Firmware

September 19, 2000

Products Affected




73- Assembly Hardware Revisions W and later.


73- Assembly Hardware Revisions W and later.

Problem Description

A component change due to manufacturer discontinuation on the IGX-UFM-4C and IGX-UFM-8C has required that a new component be substituted. The new component is not backward compatible with the older UFM-C firmware revisions. Therefore, all IGX-UFM-4/8C of hardware revision "W" or later will require firmware Z.A.S or Z.B.C or later releases of firmware to operate properly.


The discontinued part is the Munich component. The older version was 3.2, the newer version is 3.4. There is no new functionality in the V3.4 Munich component.

Problem Symptoms

If the user loads the older firmware into the new UFM-4/8C, the user will not be able to pass traffic. No alarm is visible on the IGX8400 management screens or on the console screen.


Workaround:No workaround is available if the user loads down revision firmware to the newer (Revision "W" or later) IGX-UFM-4/8C cards.

Solution: The user must load firmware revision Z.A.S or Z.B.C. or later.

Engineering Change Order (ECO)



E004167 (registered customers only)

Allow UFMC to use INFINEON PEB20320H version 3.4.

How To Identify Hardware Levels

Use the dspcd ufmc_slot_# command to see the hardware revision of the IGX-UFM-4/8C in question. See the partial dspcd ufmc_slot_# screen capture below as a reference.

igx00          TN    Cisco           IGX 8420  9.3.00    Date/Time Not Set 

Detailed Card Display for UFM in slot 5
(Global RAM: 4 Mbytes)
Status:          Active                (Front Card Supports E1, T1)
Revision:        AXC <<--- Middle letter is 73- Ass'bly hardware revision.

Revisions of Assemblies Needing Z.A.S. or Z.B.C or later firmware. 
IGX-UFM-4C Revision G or later.
IGX-UFM-4C= Revision H or later.
800-02816-07 Revision A or later.
73-2531-08 Revision W or later. 

IGX-UFM-8C Revision G or later.
IGX-UFM-8C= Revision H or later.
800-02716-07 Revision A or later.
73-2531-08 Revision W or later.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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