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Field Notice: Misprinted Software CDs May Affect Release 4.2(19) of the SC2200 and VSC2700

April 19, 2000

Products Affected



Software CDs for the SC2200 and VSC2700

This problem affects software CDs for the SC2200 and VSC2700 containing software for the 4.2(19) release of the platforms.

Problem Description

Software CDs for the for the 4.2(19) release of the SC2200 and VSC2700 Media Gateway Controllers may have been improperly manufactured.

The software CD delivered for release 4.2(19) of the VSC2700 that should contain the TCT tool software (Part Number 80-4255-03) may contain a copy of the system software and not the TCT tool software.

The software CD delivered for release 4.2(19) of the SC2200 that should contain the system software (Part Number 80-3832-04) may contain a copy of the TCT tool and not the system software.

If correct, these CDs have the following directory structures:

VSC2700 CONFIGURATION TOOL 4.2(19) P/N 80-4255-03






SC2200 SIGNALING CONTROLLER 4.2(19) P/N 80-3832-04





The CDs that are incorrect have the reverse directory structure, that is, the directory of P/N 80-4255-03 is found on P/N 80-3832-04, and the directory of P/N 80-3832-04 is found on P/N 80-4255-03.


This issue only affects CDs for the 4.2(19) release of the SC2200 and the VSC2700. Cisco Systems has been unable to determine the point at which this issue began to affect the 4.2(19) software release. CD owners should examine their CDs to determine if their CDs have the correct directory.

Problem Symptoms

The CD contains the incorrect directory.


Cisco has not been able to determine the exact date that this issue began. We know that CDs labeled with Part Number 80-4255-03 REV A0 and Part Number 80-3832-04 REV A0 contain the correct content.

CDs that list these part numbers without the REV A0 revision level are suspect.

The solution for this issue is to examine the CDs delivered for support of release 4.2(19) in the manner described in the Problem Description, and to request a replacement CD if needed.

If you have a CD that has the wrong directory, please contact Cisco Systems at the following email address to request a new CD:

In the email request please include:


Address including country and postal code:

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:

Company Name:

The P/N of the CD that needs to be replaced:

Number of copies of the CD that need to be replaced:

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods: