Cisco IOS Software Releases 11.0

Field Notice: Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0(13) RSP SRB Software Defect CSCdi92818

February 26, 1997


Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0(13) will not be available for customers due to software defect CSCdi92818. Cisco recommends not using Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0(13) or interim versions 11.0(12) or 11.0(13) if running Source Route Bridging (SRB).

Products Affected

Cisco 7500 Chassis running SRB with:



Cisco IOS Interims:

11.0(12.3) 11.0(12.4) 11.0(12.5) 11.0(13.1) 11.0(13.2) 11.0(13.3)

Cisco IOS Software Release:


Problem Description

CSCdi92818 affects any RSP router running Cisco IOS Software Interim 11.0(12.3) through 11.0(13.3) with a CIP and/or a TRIP, and a FDDI. If the CIP or the TRIP are passing RIF data, the FDDI will stop passing traffic. The FDDI will not acknowledge incoming traffic on FDDI interfaces if SRB is in use anywhere in the box.

There is no known workaround. SRB needs to be turned off in these configurations. A Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0(13a) is being developed that will have the fix integrated (see below for details).


This software defect has been found in Cisco IOS Software interims and releases shown in the table above. As of February 25, 1997:

  • Customers cannot order Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0(13) RSP images from Cisco.

  • Existing Manufacturing orders will be released with Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0(12).

  • Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) will not provide affected Cisco IOS interims or maintenance releases.

  • Manufacturing will release orders with Cisco IOS 11.0(13a) once it is available.


  • There is no workaround. Customers will need to upgrade the Cisco IOS Software.

  • Cisco has removed all RSP images, from 11.0(12.3) through 11.0(13.3), from CCO and has internally placed the images in Deferral. If, due to special circumstances you require these images, TAC can supply them.

  • A Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0(13a) is being developed with the fix for CSCdi92818. Customers recommended options (in priority - best to worse):

    • Upgrade to Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0(13a) available on CCO March 3,1997.

    • Upgrade to Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0(14) available on CCO March 17, 1997.

    • Turn off SRB in affected RSP based systems.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods: