Cisco Catalyst 2900 XL Series Switches

Field Notice: Catalyst 2922XL Module Link Failure

November 19, 1999

August 15, 2002

Products Affected




WS-X2922-XL-V 800-04281-01



WS-X2922-XL-V 800-04281-01



WS-X2922-XL-V 800-04281-02



Problem Description

A manufacturing error has been identified in the WS-X2922-XL-V modules. Several modules were manufactured with an incorrect component in the U18 location. The correct component at U18 can be identified by the part number CY2308SC-1. The incorrect component that has been found in units returned from the field can be identified as CY2308SC-2.

This photograph of a WS-X2922-XL-V module demonstrates the U18 chip location.

Note:?Modules affected will be in the serial number range of FAA03300000 - FAA0332ZZZZ.


The component in questions is used to derive timing for the Fast Ethernet port. CY2308SC-1 is the correct part on the approved vendor list. CY2308SC-2 is the incorrect part.

Problem Symptoms

Upon installation, if the incorrect component (CY2308SC-2) is present, the module will not properly synchronize with its link partner and the link LED will not illuminate. However, the link can be established between two modules that both have the incorrect component (CY2308SC-2) at board location U18. In this case, operation will likely appear normal, but because the CY2308SC-2 component divides the clock signal in half, bandwidth on the link will be limited to 50 megabits.

There is no command that will show the actual link speed; you must visually examine the module for the incorrect component.


  1. Check any units that do not link to a partner module.

  2. Inspect units for the proper the component at location U18. Refer to the photograph linked above.

  3. Return units with wrong component (CY2308SC-2) at location U18 to Cisco Systems.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods: