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Field Notice: AX-IMATM-8E1/A and AX-IMATM-8T1/A May Fail If Loaded With 4.0.12 to 4.0.15 Firmware

August 23, 1998

Products Affected

The following AXIS inverse multiplexing over ATM trunk module (AX-IMATM) cards are affected:

  • AX-IMATM-8E1/A

  • AX-IMATM-8T1/A

Problem Description

The AX-IMATM-8E1/A and the AX-IMATM-8T1/A cards may fail if loaded with firmware versions 4.0.12 through 4.0.15



A power reset of the AX-IMATM-8E1/A or the AX-IMATM-8T1/A may clear this problem. However, if the AX-IMATM-8E1/A or AX-IMATM-8T1/A is operating correctly, a power reset may induce a failure.


This problem is resolved by upgrading the AX-IMATM-8E1/A or the AX-IMATM-8T1/A to firmware version 4.0.16. Do not attempt to use firmware versions 4.0.12, 4.0.13, 4.0.14 or 4.0.15 on either the AX-IMATM-8T1/A or the AX-IMATM-8E1/A. The new minimum firmware revision for both IMATM/A models is 4.0.16 and the minimum boot code version is 4.0.01. It is not necessary to upgrade the firmware in the AX-ASC or AX-ASC2 cards if the firmware is a version of 4.0.

Identifying the AX-IMATM-8T1/A or AX-IMATM-8E1/A Firmware Revision Level

Using the Command Line Interface, verify the hardware revision by using the cc <slot#> command. You should see the following:

axis1.1.3.ASC.a > cc 7                

axis1.1.7.IMATM.s >   <<--- Notice slot number ".7" and card type ".IMATM".

Next, issue the dspcd command and observe the following display:


 FunctionModuleState:       Mismatch


 FunctionModuleSerialNum:   694067

 FunctionModuleHWRev:       ac

 FunctionModuleFWRev:       4.0.15   <<--- This firmware should be 4.0.16 or later. Firmware 4.0.11 may be used.

 FunctionModuleResetReason: Reset by ASC from PIO


  Not Present


 configChangeTypeBitMap:    CardCnfChng, LineCnfChng

 cardIntegratedAlarm:       Clear

 HighSpeedInterfaceType:    T3

 fab number:               


 axis1.1.7.IMATM.s >

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