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Field Notice: Bolt Down Procedure for Frames Supporting the SC2200 on Sun E450

June 29, 1999

Products Affected




This document applies to units running on the Sun E450 computing platform.

Problem Description

Early field installations of the SC2200 running on the Sun E450 platform have been provisioned with a configuration that could be unstable. This instability may be noticed while mounting or servicing the E450 units.

Problem Symptoms

This problem is typically noted as an instability of the frame holding the Sun E450 processor which is running the SC2200 application.

warning Warning:?The instability may not be noticed until the unit is serviced, at which point it could cause the frame to tip over. Tilting the frame can cause the frame to drop with resulting bodily injury and property damage.


This notice applies only to customers running the SC2200 on the Sun E450 platform.



To prevent bodily injury when mounting or servicing units, you must take special precautions to ensure that the system remains stable. Until the unit can be bolted down, the following guidelines are provided to ensure your safety:

  • Units should be mounted at the bottom of the rack if it is the only unit in the rack.

  • When mounting a unit in a partially filled rack, load the rack from the bottom to the top with the heaviest component at the bottom of the rack.

  • When the E450 needs to be slid out for card insertion and removal two people should perform this task, one to hold down the back of the frame while the other moves the E450 and cards.

  • If the rack is provided with stabilizing devices, install the stabilizers before mounting or servicing the unit in the rack.


Bolting Down the Sun E450 Rack

This procedure applies to the SC2200 running on the Sun E450 computers in rack mounted in frames. Use these instructions to attach the Sun E450 in a Devtek Frame (#66-39-800-FRS) to the floor using the Devtek bolt down kit (#66-00-000-BDK). The bolt down kit procedure only applies to E450s installed in Devtek Frames, part number: 66-39-800-FRS. The Cisco UK office provided Vero Frames for some E450 installations. The procedure for securing these frames to the floor would be different. If a customer was provided with a Vero frame, they should contact Nigel Townley (+44 181 756 8597), Cisco office, for instructions on how to properly secure the frame to the floor. If a customer provided their own rack for the E450s, and it is not the Devtek or Vero frame mentioned above, they should contact the frame vendor for recommendations on how to secure it to prevent tipping when the E450s are extended on their slides. The bolt down kit attaches to the frame and the frame attaches to the floor. This process increases the safety of the installation by preventing the frame from tipping when the E450s are extended on their slides. The bolt down kit includes the following:

  • Two L brackets

  • Six bolts

  • Six nuts

  • Six lockwashers

The customer provides the bolts and associated components required to attach the L brackets to the floor.

Note:?At least two technicians are required for this procedure. Use caution in this process.


Note:?The following information is an outline of the procedure for installing the frame bolt down kit. For a detailed procedure, contact the Cisco TAC team at the contact information listed at the bottom of this field notice.

  1. Examine the area where the frame is to be bolted down. Make sure that this area has a thick and sturdy floor that can be drilled.

    warning Warning:?Tilting the frame can cause the frame to drop with resulting bodily injury and property damage. At least two technicians are required for this procedure. Use caution in this process. Make sure that the E450 are securely fastened to the frame prior to tilting the frame.

  2. Tilt the frame and remove the wheels from the bottom of the frame. At the same time, remove the leveling feet. To remove the feet, unscrew them from the frame.

    warning Warning:?Sliding the E450 forward will destabilize the frame unless it is held or secured in some manner. If the frame drops it can cause bodily injury and property damage.

  3. Slide the lowest E450 forward while another technician holds the frame in a steady position.

  4. Attach the two L brackets from the bolt down kit to the inside of the cabinet base structure. Secure each bracket with the three bolts provided.

    Note:?The smaller holes are used to connect the L brackets to the frame. The larger holes are used to attach the L brackets to the floor.

    Note:?The installed brackets will be visible inside of the base of the frame as when complete.

  5. Position the frame in the exact location where it is to be finally installed.

  6. Mark the floor mounting hole locations by tracing the screw hole positions onto the floor.

  7. Carefully move the frame away from this location.

  8. Drill the appropriate hole sizes in the floor for the anchor bolt size chosen. The holes in the L brackets are 0.472 inches in diameter. Use the largest bolt size that will fit in this clearance hole. Cisco recommends using 0.375 inch diameter bolts.

    Note:?No bolts are provided with the bolt down kit.

  9. Install bolts into the holes that you drilled into the floor.

  10. Place the frame in the exact location where it is to be mounted to the floor. Accomplish this by lining up the bracket holes on the frame with the holes drilled in the floor.

  11. Install anchor bolts through the mounting holes into the bolts in the floor. Torque the bolts appropriately for the size of anchor bolt chosen.

    Note:?Include large flat washers as a bearing surface under the heads of the anchor bolts.

    The lower E450 units should be slid back to its normal position in the frame

    This completes the L-bracket installation.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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