Cisco BPX/IGX/IPX WAN Software

Field Notice: SV+ Loses IGX-IGX Connections After Upgrade to 9.1

Revised June 21, 1999

Products Affected




After an upgrade to 9.1 switch software

IPX switch

After an upgrade to 9.1 switch software

StrataView Plus 9.1

After an upgrade to 9.1 switch software

Problem Description

StrataView Plus Connection Manager loses all IPX and IGX-8400 Frame Relay, Voice, and Data connections after a network upgrade from 8.2.5x, 8.2.6x, 8.4.xx and 8.5.xx to any revision of 9.1 switch software.


StrataView Plus collects and maintains database tables for various objects in an IGX, IPX, and BPX network for display in Connection Manager. These tables are updated periodically to maintain an accurate view of the network. Information is collected on connections, internode trunks, ports, and lines.

Connection information is displayed in the Connection Manager application available on the StrataView Desktop.

This problem results in the StrataView Plus database for Frame Relay, Data, and Voice connections not being re-populated after a switch software upgrade to 9.1 software. Network maintenance staff cannot view connection status via StrataView Plus Connection Manager.

Problem Symptoms

Connection Manager, available on the StrataView Plus Desktop, will not display IGX-8400 or IPX Frame Relay, Voice, or Data connections. The existence of connections can be verified by logging onto an IGX-8400 or IPX switch command line interface (CLI) and using the dspcons command. Additionally, CiscoView will not be able to configure ports. ATM to Frame Relay connections are not affected by this anomaly.



There are three workarounds available.

  1. Delete and add back the affected connections. This results in minimal outage time for each connection.

  2. Patching memory for each connection. Memory patching is not retained after a switchcc, node rebuild, node power down, or an active/standby Network Processor Module (NPM) or Nodal Processor Card (NPC) switchover and would have to be repeated after such events until the solution is implemented.

  3. Each affected node may be rebuilt to clear this trouble. Rebuilding each node interrupts user traffic during the rebuild period.


Software 9.1.12 and later will have this bug fixed. This release of software may be obtained from Cisco Connection Online with your CCO log in.




CSCdm43471 (registered customers only)

SV+ can not see swsw 9.1.09 IGX-IGX FR Conns

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