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Field Notice: Savecnf/Loadcnf Does Not Work for Upgrade IPX to IGX

Revised June 23, 1999

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Problem Description

Due to changes in Battery-backed Random Access Memory (BRAM) usage in later versions of IGX-8400 series switch software, users may no longer perform an IPX switch to IGX-8400 upgrade by using the savecnf/loadcnf/runcnf procedure.


In previous releases, network engineers could upload an IPX switch configuration to a StrataView Plus workstation, replace the IPX with an IGX-8400 series switch, download the saved configuration to the IGX-8400, and run the configuration. This capability allowed network engineers to minimize network downtime while gracefully upgrading hardware.

The introduction of new card types into the IGX-8400 series that were not based on an IPX card type and the increased permanent virtual circuit capacity required a change of use in BRAM on the IGX-8400 compared to the IPX. This change resulted in a different structure for configuration files between the IGX and the IPX. The net result was that the saved configuration files from the IPX were no longer compatible with an IGX-8400.

Problem Symptoms

In the worst case, after saving an IPX switch configuration and running it on an IGX-8400, the IGX-8400 may rebuild and auto-delete all the downloaded configuration information. Other less obvious symptoms may occur as well since configuration information captured on an IPX switch may mismap to unexpected memory locations in an IGX-8400.



Use scripts to capture all configuration information on the IPX switch in text format. Such a script would include commands such as dspcons, dsptrkcnf, dsplncnf, cnfnodeparms, dspchcnf, dspcon (for each connection), and other commands relevant to the node's connection types and card types. Use the captured IPX configuration data to input to a second script that will download the IPX configuration data to an IGX-8400.


There is no solution. In software releases 8.2.1, 8.2.3, 8.2.5, 8.2.6, 8.4, 8.5, and 9.1, saving an IPX switch configuration and downloading it to an IGX-8400 is not supported due to memory allocation differences.

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