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Field Notice: Cisco IOS Software Release 11.1(26)CC Deferral - FDDI Input Stuck

Revised June 9, 1999

Products Affected




7000/7500 Series


7000/7500 Series


7000/7500 Series


7000/7500 Series

Problem Description

Two Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) symptoms exist.

First symptom:

The FDDI product (listed in "Products Affected" table above) may experience input stuck when Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) is configured.

Second symptom:

If a FDDI product (listed in "Products Affected" table above) is not configured with any routing protocol, a FDDI port may reset after a certain period of time.


CSCdk89962 was implemented to resolve the FDDI input stuck state, which may occur if a FIP interface is configured for HSRP. This first CSCdk89962 fix has been found to cause a FDDI reset symptom if not configured with CDP. The FDDI reset symptom was also resolved in CSCdk89962 to complete the software solution.

CSCdm38024 has been created to allow Cisco tools to find the symptom and solution of the reset symptom.

Problem Symptoms

First symptom:

When FDDI Interface Processors (FIPs) are configured as HSRP partners and one of the HSRP partners resets, both FIPs may go into an input stuck state.

Second symptom:

If operating with the Cisco IOS listed in the "Cisco IOS Versions Affected" table below, the FIP may reset if Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) is not configured on the FDDI interface.



First symptom:

There is no workaround for the first symptom. See the solution below.

Second symptom:

The workaround is to configure CDP. For more information, see the Cisco Discovery Protocol page.


The solution is to use the fixed maintenance releases Cisco IOS 11.1(26)CA and 11.1(26)CC1.

CSCdj89962 has resolved two FDDI symptoms.

First Solution:

CSCdj89962 originally solved a FDDI stuck symptom when HSRP was configured on the FIP interface. Resolved in the following Cisco IOS software releases:

  • 11.1(25.02)CA

  • 11.1(25.02)CC

  • 11.1(26)CC

  • 11.1(25.02)CT

Second Solution:

The above solution caused a FDDI reset symptom when HSRP or CDP was not configured on the FIP interface.

Resolved in the following Cisco IOS software releases:

  • 11.1(26)CA

  • 11.1(26.1)CA

  • 11.1(26)CC1


If you are a registered CCO user and you have logged in, you can view the bug details.



CSCdk89962 (registered customers only)

FIP input stuck. HSRP configured.

CSCdm38024 (registered customers only)

FIP keeps resetting when HSRP, CDP, and so on are not configured.

Cisco IOS Versions Affected

Cisco IOS Trains Affected

? ?

Cisco IOS 11.1CA

Cisco IOS 11.1(25.02)CA

all rsp images (rsp-*-mv)

Cisco IOS 11.1CC

Cisco IOS 11.1(25.02)CC

Cisco IOS 11.1(26)CC

all rsp images (rsp-*-mv)

Cisco IOS 11.1CT

Cisco IOS 11.1(25.02)CT

all rsp images (rsp-*-mv)

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