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Field Notice: MCD Firmware Preferred for BXM Hardware J or M (BXM-622) or Later

Revised May 12, 1999

Products Affected




Hardware Version J


Hardware Version J


Hardware Version M


Hardware Version M


Hardware Version J


Hardware Version J


Hardware Version J


Hardware Version J

Problem Description

BXMs with hardware version J (M for BXM-622-2 and BXM-622) or later should have firmware Version MCD loaded to prevent a cold standby failure. It has been found that the hardware versions defined may, on rare occasion, experience a cold standby failure if firmware MCB, MCC or any version of MB_ is loaded on the BXM.


A faster 100 nanosecond SIMM was introduced on the BXM cards hardware revision J (hardware revision M for the BXM-622 and BXM-622-2). The new SIMM requires a firmware upgrade to avoid a possible self-test failure.

The self-test is not executed on active cards or cards in hot-standby mode. The self-test is executed on cards in standby mode only and may be disabled at user discretion by use of the cnftstparm SuperUser level command.

It should be noted that although the BXMs with the new SIMMs may be loaded with the firmware versions prior to MCD, these cards are at small risk of experiencing the non-service-affecting failure symptoms.

Problem Symptoms

The primary symptom observed is that the BXM "Fail" LED will light solid (no flashing) due to self-test failure. The card failure may be cleared by using the resetcd slot_number f command, which is a User Level 3 command.



There is no known workaround.


Obtain a replacement card with firmware version MCD loaded.

MCD firmware and release notes may be obtained by clicking here. A CCO login is required to download this firmware.

Firmware MCD is backwards compatible with Switch Software 8.4, 8.5 and 9.1 Releases.





BPX, Monarch Frontcard Flash SIMMs Change and Test Pin Removal

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