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Field Notice: The cnfclnsigparm and cnflnsigparm Commands do not Work on Port Two of any UVM

April 1, 1999

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The problem is seen in version 9.1 on all Universal Voice Module (UVM) models.

Problem Description

The node-wide commands cnfclnsigparm and cnflnsigparm do not program the second port on any UVM. Port one on a UVM is programmed as expected.

Problem Symptoms

The most observable symptom is seen using the cnfchdl slot.2.channels u command and observing whether the values have changed. See the example below:

Channels      Type   Sig Delay   Min Wink  IntDigit Time  Playout Delay
16.1.1-24     Inband      96        140           -           100
16.2.1-24     Inband      96        140           -           200

Note that the second port on the UVM is still in the default configuration while the first port has a value of "100" for the "Playout Delay" parameter.

Other symptoms may result in anomalous behaviors for calls transmitting on port two of any UVM, such as occasional "Ring-No-Answer" and "Pickup-No Caller."


The commands cnflnsigparm and cnfclnsigparm are used to configure signalling parameters for all Channelized Voice Modules (CVMs) and UVMs in a node. These commands are identical in syntax and results.

1  CDP & CIP Heartbeat                    [   2] (sec)
2  CDP & CIP Sig. Polling Rate            [  10] (sec)
3  CDP & CIP Default Inband Sig Delay     [  96] (msec)
4  CDP & CIP Default Inband Playout Delay [ 200] (msec)
5  CDP & CIP Default Pulse Sig Delay      [  96] (msec)
6  CDP & CIP Default Pulse Playout Delay  [ 200] (msec)
7  CIP Number of Packet Slices            [   1]
8  CDP & CIP Packet Rate                  [ 200] (pkt/sec)
9  CDP & CIP Condition CCS Lines?         [  NO]
10 CIP Default Inband Min. Wink           [ 140] (msec)
11 CIP Default Pulse Min. Wink            [ 140] (msec)

Note that the CIP is no longer supported since Switch Software release 7.2, and the CDP, while an IPX card, is the forerunner of the CVM and UVM cards. Therefore, all parameters that apply to the CDP also apply to the CVM and the UVM. The displayed screen above for the cnfclnsigparm and cnflnsigparm commands has not been updated to reflect newer cards or obsoleted cards. This defect has Cisco bug ID CSCdk80460. If you are a registered CCO user and you have logged in, you can view the bug details.



Use the cnfchdl slot.2.channels u command to configure the parameters Type, Sig Delay, Min Wink, and Playout Delay on port two of any UVM.


As of this field notice, there is no software version that resolves this minor problem. However, the defect CSCdk80460 has been opened to track this problem.

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