Cisco 7200 Series Routers

Field Notice: C7200 PA-1C-P (PCPA) Fails With 32MB PCPA Memory and 128MB NPE Memory

March 26, 1999

Products Affected



Cisco7200 series routers with PA-1C-P at 32MB memory in combination with any model of NPE at 128MB memory

Microcode levels prior to xcpa26-7 and xcpa27-1

Problem Description

With microcode levels prior to xcpa26-7 and xcpa27-1, the Parallel Channel Port Adapter (otherwise know as PCPA or part number PA-1C-P) will fail adapter diagnostics when the PCPA has 32MB of memory and the Cisco 7200 router NPE has 128MB memory.


A problem occurs when the the DIMM memory associated with the Bus&Tag interface processor gets remapped. The Bus&Tag interface processor cannot address memory that has been remapped above 0x07ffffff or (128M - 1). Depending on the amount of memory in the NPE and in the PCPA, the PCPA may be forced to remap its memory to be above 0x07ffffff. When this happens, the PCPA will fail production diagnostics.

Problem Symptoms

A PCPA with 32MB of memory that is installed in a Cisco 7200 router that has an NPE with 128MB of memory will fail adapter diagnostics with the following messages:

%ADAPTER-0-DIAGFAIL: Port 0 failed the PCA Diagnostic Mode 1 diagnostic

%ADAPTER-0-DIAGDATA: Module Call: 0 0 Error ID: 0 F0000000


The resolution will be in microcode xcpa27-1 and xcpa26-7.

PCPA microcode may be updated by following the PCPA microcode upgrade instructions in the online PA-1C-P Parallel Channel Port Adapter Installation and Configuration manual.

The new microcode will become the default xcpa microcode in the next Cisco IOS releases: xcpa26-7 in 11.3(9)T, xcpa26-7 in 12.0(4), and xcpa27-1 in 12.0(4)T.


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32MB PCPA fails diags when NPE has 128MB

Cisco IOS Versions Affected

11.3(6)T and all versions of 12.0 and 12.0T using xcpa microcode levels before xcpa26-7 and xcpa27-1

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