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Field Notice: IGX-ARM Deactivates After Two Consecutive switchcc Commands

February 5, 1999

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This problem occurs only in Release 9.1.

Problem Description

The IGX-ARM (Alarm Relay Module) switches from "Active" to "Standby" after two consecutive switchcc commands. The impact to the customer is that the node and network alarms that activate external warning devices such as bells or lamps cease to operate. This may result in alarms going unnoticed, delaying the resolution response actions to correct the alarm condition. Additionally, after the first switchcc command, the Alarm History is irrecoverably lost.

Problem Symptoms

The most easily discerned symptom is observed by using the dspcds command. The ARM will show as "Standby". The observed screen is shown below:

nodename       TRM   StrataCom       IGX 8420  9.1.02    Dec. 29 1998 14:43 PST

FrontCard  BackCard                      FrontCard  BackCard
Type  Rev  Type     Rev  Status          Type  Rev  Type     Rev  Status
1  NPM   EDP                Standby      9  Empty
2  NPM   EDP                Active       10 Empty
3  Empty                                 11 Empty
4  Empty                                 12 Empty
5  Empty                                 13 Empty
6  Empty                                 14 Empty
7  Empty                                 15 Empty
8  Empty                                 16 ARM   BA   ARI      ---  Standby


The Alarm Relay Module (ARM) activates relays in response to node and network alarms. The relay contacts are presented to the customer's alarm notification system via the IGX-ARI backcard connectors. Depending on the customer's alarm notification system, the relays' "Normally Open" or "Normally Closed" contacts activate an external visual or audible alarm or both. Separate relays are available for visual and audible, Major and Minor, network and node alarms.

The switchcc command allows the IGX-NPM cards to switch over node control. This command is used to exercise node redundancy, clear certain memory allocation problems as well as perform other diagnostic functions. The switchcc command is only used in an IGX-8400 equipped with redundant NPMs.



Log into the node and use the addalmslot slot_number command to reactivate the ARM.


There is no solution at this time. However, the software defect information lists which maintenance version of 9.1 has the fix.


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