Cisco IGX 8400 Series Switches

Field Notice: RF Gasket on IGX Door Presses Buttons on ARM, HDM, and LDM

January 18, 1999

Products Affected




This problem occurs when the Alarm Relay Module (ARM) is installed in slot 16 or 32.


This problem occurs when the High-speed Data Module (HDM) is installed in slot 16 or 32.


This problem occurs when the Low Speed Data Module (LDM) is installed in slot 16 or 32.

Problem Description

Each IGX 8400 series has a door fitted with RF gaskets. When the door is closed, and the ARM, HDM, or LDM is installed in slot 16 or slot 32, the RF gasket presses the button. Depending on the card, different symptoms may result.

  • IGX-ARM: Alarm History LED is cleared.

  • IGX-HDM: HDM port loops up for no apparent reason.

  • IGX-LDM: LDM port loops up for no apparent reason.

Problem Symptoms

The History LED is not lit even though historical alarms were registered.


For more details regarding the ARM and a drawing of the ARM front panel, please search for the phrase "Alarm Relay Module" at the Cisco documentation page.

This defect is logged in bug ID CSCdk81353. If you are a registered CCO user and you have logged in, you can view bug details.



Two workarounds are available:

  • Both the ACO and History Clear buttons have a black, plastic cap which may be removed from the switch actuator. Use a small needle-nose plier to remove the black plastic cap. Take care not to twist the cap while removing it. No loss of functionality will be experienced after the black plastic cap is removed.

  • Move the ARM from slot 16 or 32 to another empty slot. To do this, execute the following steps:

    1. Delete the alarm functionality from slot 16 or 32. Use the delalmslot 16|32 command.

    2. Move the ARM and ARI backcard to an empty slot.

    3. Add the alarm functionality to the new slot. Use the addalmslot new_slot_# command.


Cisco is seeking a similar switch with a smaller cap.

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