Cisco Catalyst 5000 Series Switches

Catalyst 5000 ATM LAN Emulation (LANE) Blades Running Token Ring LANE Require Software Release 70.1(4) Before Supervisor is Upgraded With 4.3(1a)

Revised November 25, 1998

Products Affected



Catalyst 5000 ATM LANE Modules:




The following Token Ring LANE images and interims prior to c5atm-trlane.70-1-4.bin are impacted:




Problem Description

On Catalyst 5000 switches running Supervisor software 4.3(1a) or later, the LANE module(s) running TR-LANE software prior to release 70.1(4) will fail to come online.

Catalyst 5000 LANE blades (WS-X5156, WS-X5157, WS-X5158) running:




will fail to come online if the Catalyst 5000 has been upgraded with Supervisor image cat5000-sup.4-3-1a.bin or later.

This is addressed in Cisco DDTS CSCdk58188. See the "DDTS" section below for details.


To prevent an incompatibility between the Supervisor and TR-LANE images, upgrade the TR-LANE software on the LANE module to 70.1(4) before upgrading Catalyst 5000 Supervisor images to 4.3(1a) or above.

If the Supervisor has been upgraded with cat5000-sup.4-3-1a.bin before c5atm-trlane.70-1-4.bin has been downloaded to the LANE module, back out the upgrade with the following steps:

  1. Downgrade the software on the Supervisor module to a release prior to 4.3(1a)

  2. Upgrade the TR-LANE software on the LANE module with image c5atm-trlane.70-1-4.bin or later

  3. Upgrade the software on the Supervisor module with image cat5000-sup.4-3-1a.bin or later


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CSCdk58188 (registered customers only)

ALC fails diags with TR LANE and NMP 4.3.

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