Cisco MGX 8200 Series Edge Concentrators

Field Notice 980926: New MGX8220 Module SRM-T1E1/B Requires Later Firmware

October 13, 1998

Products Affected




Installing the SRM-T1E1/B requires that the AXIS Shelf Controller (ASC) firmware be upgraded to version 3.0.10 or later or version 4.0.10 or later.

Problem Description

The new AX-SRM-T1E1/B requires later firmware to operate correctly. Failure to upgrade the AX-ASC to version 3.0.10 or later or version 4.0.10 or later may result in intermittant or constant failure to operate.


Recently, a Cisco component vendor, Xilinx®, upgraded their fabrication facilities to allow the manufacture of .5 micron Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Previously, Xilinx® manufactured chips with .65 micron technology. The introduction of these new and faster Xilinx® chips into the MGX 8220 series cards (formerly known as AXIS) required that firmware be upgraded to compensate for the increased chip speeds. Since the .65 micron technology chips are no longer available, it is recommended that WAN Network Managers plan upgrades to the latest version of 3.0.10 or 4.0.10 firmware. Upgrade planning helps avoid having to execute an emergency upgrade when customers receive the new AX-SRM-T1E1/B to replace a failed, older AX-SRM-T1E1. The AX-SRM-T1E1/B introduces no new features over the AX-SRM-T1E1.

Problem Symptoms

The AX-SRM-T1E1 may fail to provide redundancy capabilities if the ASC is not upgraded to a compatible revision. Symptoms may include circuit failure during redundancy operation, intermittant errors in data, or complete failure to provide redundancy.


There is no known workaround. The only solution is to upgrade the ASC firmware to version 3.0.10 or later or version 4.0.10 or later.

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