Cisco WAN Switching Modules

Field Notice 980923: AX-BNM-T3/B and AX-BNM-E3/B Require New Firmware

October 2, 1998

Products Affected

AX-ASC: The installation of the AX-BNM-T3/B or the AX-BNM-E3/B require that the ASC have minimum firmware versions.

Problem Description

AX-BNM-T3/B AX-BNM-E3/B assemblies with Xilinx? XC4005E and XC4003E Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) work only with Firmware Releases 3.0.10 (or later) and 4.0.10 (or later). They are not being released to work with Firmware Release 2.x.x.


Xilinx?, an FPGA manufacturer, introduced new, higher, density fabrication methods which reduced the minimum circuit traces from .65 microns to .5 microns. This reduction in the trace size, known as "die-shrink," resulted in a higher density and faster FPGA. The increased speed of the new Xilinx? FPGAs required a change in the internal clocking within the AX-BNM-E3/B and the AX-BNM-T3/B as well as the AX-ASC as compared to the AX-BNM-E3 and the AX-BNM-T3. The needed clocking change was accomplished with a new firmware for the AX-ASC.


Upgrade AX-ASC firmware to version 3.0.10 or later or version 4.0.10 or later.

Released Product Change Notice (RCN)

RCN Number



AXIS:BNM-T3/E3 B: Change AX-BNM-T3/E3 & AX-BNM-T3=/E3= to AX-BNM-T3/E3 B & AX_BNM-T3=/E3= B

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