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TelePresence Touch 8-Inch LCD Touch Panel Becomes Unresponsive

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Updated: Jan 06, 2014

Contributed by Chad Johnson, Jonas Tysso, and Hans Dewulf, Cisco TAC Engineers.



This document describes how to restore functionality to a Cisco TelePresence Touch 8-Inch LCD touch panel when it becomes unresponsive to touch after it is cleaned with a wet textile or cloth.



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Components Used

The information in this document is based on these software and hardware versions:

Cisco Part IDs


Tandberg (TAN) Numbers

  • 800-38887-01
  • 800-38886-01
  • 800-38885-01
  • 800-38887-02
  • 800-38886-02
  • 800-38885-02

Tip: The TAN number is located at the upper-right corner on the back of the Touch 8-Inch product.


After you clean the Touch 8-Inch product with a wet textile or cloth, the LCD touch panel (screen) becomes unresponsive to your touch. This occurs because the new touch sensor does not recalibrate correctly.


Here is a list of symptoms that you might encounter when this issue occurs:

  • If the system is in standby mode, the LCD is not illuminated, and it is not possible to activate it.

  • The LCD and the volume, mute, and exclamation mark LEDs might or might not be illuminated.

  • The LCD is not illuminated, and the volume and mute LEDs are illuminated.

  • The touch panel is unresponsive when you touch it.

Check the Touch Sensor Revision

The problem described in this document only occurs with the new touch sensor revision for the TAN numbers that are outlined in the Prerequisites section of this document. The problem does not occur with the previous or old touch sensor revision.

Complete these steps in order to check the touch sensor revision of your Touch 8-Inch product with the use of the CLI:

  1. Log in via Secure Shell (SSH) or Telnet (if enabled) to the TelePresence codec to which the Touch 8-Inch product is connected. Ensure that you log in with a user account that has administrative privileges.

  2. Enter the xstatus Experimental Peripherals ConnectedDevice command in order to view a list of peripherals that are connected to your device.

  3. In order to determine which device is the touch panel, look for Type: TouchPanel. The number to the left of Type: indicates the device number. If there is only one device listed, the connected device number is 1001.

  4. Enter the xStatus Experimental Peripherals ConnectedDevice <device number> HardwareInfo command, with the device number found in the previous step (xstatus Experimental Peripherals ConnectedDevice 1001 HardwareInfo, for example).

Once these steps are complete, you receive output similar to this:

*s Experimental Peripherals ConnectedDevice 1001 HardwareInfo: "101650"
** end


Note: With the previous or old touch sensor revision, the output shows "101650". With the new touch sensor revision that is prone to the symptoms described in this document, the output shows "101654-x".


In order to resolve this issue, reboot the Touch 8-Inch product. This triggers a recalibration of the touch sensor, and fixes the problem.

Cisco recommends that you clean the Touch 8-Inch LCD touch panel with a dry microfiber or similar textile/cloth.

Note: Cisco has research underway in order to create a fix for this recalibration issue after you clean the Touch 8-Inch product with a wet textile or cloth for future software releases. This is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCul83650.

Updated: Jan 06, 2014
Document ID: 117061