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Initial configuration for SPA921

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008



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Q. How do you configure the SPA921 Series Phone for Online Service Provider? Is there an example?

Note: This is an example of registering your SPA921 Phone to FreeWorld Dial-up. The configuration settings might vary depending on the requirements of your VoIP Provider.

You need to perform three steps if you want to configure your SPA921 Series Phone to FreeWorld Dial-up:

  1. Registration of VoIP account

  2. Accessing the SPA921 web user interface

  3. Configuring the SPA921 phone for VoIP

  1. Registration of VoIP Account Go to FreeWorld Dial-up registration site to sign-up for a free VoIP account.
  2. Accessing the SPA921 web user interface
    1. Check your SPA921 IP Address.
    2. Launch your browser and type http://IP_Address_of_your_SPA921 on the address field then press Enter. You are now ready to configure the SPA921 for VoIP.


      Note: If the web interface is asking for a username and password, this means that the unit was locked by your Provider. Contact your respective VoIP Provider for assistance.

  3. Configuring the SPA921 phone for VoIP
    1. Go to Admin Login then Advanced, click on Ext 1 tab. In order to get connected to FWD you must input your FWD number and password, which you will receive after registration on their website together with these standard configuration settings:


    2. Click Submit All Changes, then check Registration State on the Info tab under EXT 1 Status.

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008
Document ID: 109063