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NETSYS User Interface

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Updated: Oct 01, 2009


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Q: Where can I find Netsys documentation?

A: In addition to the printed manuals sent with the product, the documentation is available online. During the installation process the documentation is installed as PostScript files (.ps) to the $ECSP_HOME/doc directory. It is divided into /user and /reference directories. The documentation can be printed locally or viewed with PostScript viewer. An additional documentation set in HTML format is located in $ECSP_HOME/help.
Q: Where are the help files located?

A: The help files are HTML files that can be viewed with any web (HTML) browser. They are located in $ECSP_HOME/help. Help can also be accessed by clicking on Help from within Netsys.

Q: How do I change the default help viewer?

A: If you chose the "update profile" option during installation, edit your .cshrc or .profile. Otherwise, edit the shell script $ECSP_HOME/cshrc.ctk or $ECSP_HOME/profile.ctk (depending on your shell). In .cshrc or $ECSP_HOME/chsrc.ctk, edit the the setenv ECSP_HELPVIEWER mosaic line to point to the viewer you want to use. For example, setenv ECSP_HELPVIEWER NetScape would result in NetScape be used as the default viewer. The application you choose must be in the same path. Note: The only HTML browsers currently tested are NCSA Mosaic and Netscape.

Q: How do I view the online documentation and help?

A: The Cisco NSM documentation included on the 4.x CD-ROM is provided in PostScript and HTML formats. You can view the HTML documentation via a Netscape browser or NCSA Mosaic HTML browser. The online Help system requires one of these HTML browsers for viewing. You can obtain the HTML browsers from the sites listed below:


  • via anonymous FTP from

  • via Netscape's Web site:

NCSA Mosaic:

  • via anonymous FTP from

  • via NCSA's Web site:

Note:  If you click on a cross-reference to a figure, the Mosaic and Netscape browsers scroll the figure off the screen. The figure's caption is displayed as the first line on the viewer's screen at this point. Scroll back up to view the figure associated with the figure's caption.

If you cannot obtain access to Mosaic or Netscape, you can use the pageview command to view the online documentation in PostScript format in the $ECSP_HOME/doc directory.

Q: When Netscape comes up for help or online documentation, why are the colors in the application distorted?

A: The Netscape HTML browser shares the system's color map with other applications by default. This may result in other applications' colors being overwritten, and therefore distorted. To correct the problem, create an alias for the executable netscape so that it starts with the -install option. This causes Netscape to allocate its own color table so that mouse focus determines the correct color for other applications.

Q: Why does my window manager occasionally hang?

A: There is a known problem with the OpenWindows 3.0 interaction with Motif libraries on the SunOS 4.1.3_U1 system. This causes the window manager to hang. This problem can be avoided in one of three ways:

  • remotely login (using rlogin) to the server where the application resides

  • use a Motif window manager

  • install SunOS patch #100444-66

Cisco has provided this patch on the Cisco NSM CD-ROM. The installation script copies this patch from the CD-ROM into the $ECSP_HOME/misc/100444-66 directory. Follow the instructions in the README file in this directory to install the patch.

Note: Sun has a newer version of the patch (#100444-74) available. Installing the patch should correct the problem. If not, call the Sun Support Hotline. Cisco has not tested the newer version for compatibility.

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Updated: Oct 01, 2009
Document ID: 15175