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Netsys Licensing

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Updated: Oct 13, 2005


What are the various licensing modes in which Netsys can be run?

A: There are three modes:

  • Demonstration (Demo)
  • Evaluation
  • Network Viewer

In Demo mode, Netsys will only anaylze the tutorial networks shipped with the product on CD. The demo baselines are located in the $ECSP_HOME/data directory. Other than the limitation on the configuration files that can be used, the Demo mode is a complete implementation of the product.

Evaluation mode allows you to use Netsys Service Manager (NSM) on your own network. Evaluation mode is full-featured, but is limited to a maximum of 500 routers and expires after a one-month period. The evaluation licenses are issued via the Network Management Products page in the Software Center. The license system issues keys for currently shipping software only.

Network Viewer mode is a limited mode which allows you to view several customizable topologies of your network. You can examine up to 200 of your own router configuration files and receive several reports, such as the Integrity Check Summary Report, Inventory Report, WAN Link Derivation Report and the Unconnected WAN Interfaces Report. All other functions of the product are disabled in this mode. The created baselines default to $ECSP_DATA.

Both Demo mode and Network Viewer mode are available immediately after installation. They do not require the serial numbers associated with the actual product or Evaluation mode.

How do I determine my current license type?

A: To determine your current license type, go to the Netsys main window and select Help > About. This will give you information about your current license.

How do I get a license for Netsys?

A: An Evaluation mode license allows modeling of up to 500 routers. This license is issued once per customer for a one-month period.

To get a permanent license, you must have the Schedule A form, which is shipped with Netsys. You can either fax the new Schedule A to (650) 322-2640, or (if the Schedule A indicates) license it at the Cisco Netsys Service-Level Management Product License page.

Can I change the machine on which Netsys runs?

A: To change the machine on which you are running Netsys, complete a Request for Re-Issuance of License Key form, and fax it to (650) 322-2640. To obtain the form, call Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at 1-800-553-2447, or refer to the online version.

Does upgrading Netsys require a new license?

A: Yes, it does. The license is tied into the release number of the product. Whenever the release number changes, re-licensing must take place. It is possible to use the old license with the new release, but you will not be able to use the new product features without re-licensing.

My license was working before, but now Netsys only comes up in Demo mode. What happened?

A: If the license worked at some point but suddenly stopped working, it is usually means that the license has expired or that the LMGRD daemon is no longer active.

To check if the license has expired, enter the following commands:

    cd $ECSP_HOME/resources/license
    lmstat -c license.dat

If the license has expired, contact your account manager. Only one evaluation period is issued per customer.

To check if the LMGRD daemon is running, use the ps command with appropriate options. If it is not running, you can manually start it with the following commands:

    cd $ECSP_HOME/resources/license
    lmgrd -c license.dat -l LOG

Another possible cause for Netsys coming up in Demo mode is that the software was halted ungracefully (because of a system crash or the process was killed) and the license is still locked. To resolve this:

  1. Make sure no one is running the application.

  2. Remove the locknetsyslicd file in the /usr/tmp directory.

  3. Try starting the LMGRD daemon manually, as shown above.

To troubleshoot license manager problems, check the LOG file in the $ECSP_HOME/resources/license directory.

What does the "invalid encryption key" error message mean?

A: This message usually means that the user made a mistake when inputting the license key, or that Cisco made a mistake when issuing it. Please call the TAC at 1-800-553-2447.

This message may also occur if Netsys has been moved to a new machine and the license has not been reissued for the new machine. The three things which usually cause the encryption error are hostid, system date, or version.

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Updated: Oct 13, 2005
Document ID: 15173