CiscoWorks Resource Manager Essentials

RME Modules and Log Files

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Updated: Dec 21, 2009



This document provides information on the CiscoWorks Resource Management Essentials (RME) modules and log files.

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Q. What modules exist in CiscoWorks RME?

A. The RME modules are described in the table.

Module Name Description
Device Management Handle device addition/deletion/auto management.
Bug Toolkit Find devices in the network that are affected by the specified bugs and also the bugs filed on a given device family.
Config Archive Maintain an active archive for the device configuration files. Search the configuration archive files based on criteria you specify. Create custom reports for repetitive tasks. Group configuration files and label them as a set.
Config Editor Change the configurations for the managed devices. Edit configuration files stored in configuration archive and download files to devices..
Database RME database consists of one main database, called rmeng.db, and three Db spaces, named SyslogFirst.db, SyslogSecond.db and SyslogThird.db.
Inventory Collects and stores detailed information on every device managed by the RME server. In conjunction with Change Audit Services, Inventory Manager automatically tracks any changes to device components.
Netconfig Does the configuration changes for the managed devices.
Netshow Create network show command sets. Assign users to network show command sets. Define and schedule batch reports that can be executed at any time you specify.
Swim Analyze whether the device needs Cisco IOS upgrade and performs the upgrade if it is needed. Schedule and download images from, import from the file system of the server, and maintain a local library of images. Validate images with devices before you initiate downloads, define and monitor the progress of scheduled jobs. Compare images that run on the devices in your network with the images available on Archives the images that run on the device.
Smartcase Open a case on through the CiscoWorks desktop. View the history and status of your case and update the descriptions of problems.
Reports The reports are generated based on data from DB/CIDS or CCO. The report jobs and archives are available at a centralized location: RME > Reports > Report Jobs & Report Archives All report jobs and archives can be purged through RME > Admin > System Preferences > Job Purge Reports that include Audit Trial, Bug Toolkit, Change Audit, Contract Connection, Device Credential, Inventory, and Syslog.
Contract Connection Verifies your service contract on Cisco IOS devices.
ChangeAudit Search and View the central repository that has all network changes, such as inventory, software management, and so on. Specify periods of time to monitor network changes. Maintain the repository, convert changes into SNMP traps and forward them to your network management system.
Syslog Track device problems.� Create and view reports for syslogs based on date, device, or type of syslog. Configure automatic actions that occur when certain message types are received.
Backup/Restore The backup/restore framework allows you to take backup of data periodically and restore it whenever there is a crash or based on requirement.

Q. Where can I find the RME logs?

A. The log files are located at:

  • /var/adm/CSCOpx/logs—in Solaris

  • NMSROOT/logs—in Windows

Note: NMSROOT is the path location where LMS is installed.

Q. Which log file do I check when the issue is with a particular module?

A. Check the log file in the table for the corresponding module.

Name of the Module Log File Name
Device Management cda.log / EssentialsDM_Server.log
Bug Toolkit bugtoolkit.log
Config Archive dcmaservice.log / dcmaclient.log
Config Editor cfgEdit.log
Inventory IC_Server.log
Netconfig netconfigclient.log
Netshow NetShowClient.log
Swim swim_debug.log
Reports cri.log / invreports.log
Contract Connection contractcon.log
Config CLI ConfigCLI.log / cli.log
ChangeAudit ChangeAudit.log / ChangeAuditUI.log
Syslog SyslogAnalyzer.log / AnalyzerDebug.log / SyslogCollector.log / syslog_debug.log
Backup/Restore Restorebackup.log / migration.log

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Updated: Dec 21, 2009
Document ID: 111444