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Frequently Asked Questions About CEMF Self Management

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006



This document provides answers to questions on CEMF self management.

Q. How many times does CEMF restart a faulty controller and where are the errors logged? (Products affected : CEMF 3.x)

A. The number of restarts depends on how the controller fails. If the failure is before the controller has notified the CEMF process control subsystem that it has started successfully, it restarts three times. If the controller is functioning on the whole correctly, but suffers from a periodic crash restarts each time it fails. In both cases it is possible to see which processes have exited, when they exited, and when they were restarted in the logfile, /logs/sysmgr.log.

In addition, CEMF infrastructure events are generated at process death and startup. Details on how to do this have not yet been documented, but will be in the future. In addition, APIs exist to query the process control subsystem and actually use it for your own purposes. Again, this is not yet documented.

Q. What other error conditions does CEMF monitor or detect and where are the errors logged? (Products affected : CEMF 3.x)

A. Resource failures, such as out of database space or memory, are trapped as standard, logged to standard logfiles and processes terminate gracefully. We also capture STDERR and STDOUT from all processes under CEMF control and log this to sysmgr.log.

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006
Document ID: 25048