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Password Recovery Procedure for the GSS GUI Version 1.0

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006



This document provides the password recovery procedure for Global Site Selector (GSS) GSS GUI Version 1.0.

Note:  If the password recovery fails at any point, issue the gss restart command from the CLI. Issuing this command returns you to Step 1 of this document.

Before You Begin


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Step-by-Step Procedure

Perform the steps below when an administrator loses the administrative username and password for the GUI on the GSS.

  1. Log into the CLI as an administrator to the primary Global Site Selector Manager (GSSM).

  2. Issue the gss status command on the GSSM. The output should state read GSS Manager – primary.

  3. In the CLI, type cd ../apache.

  4. FTP or SCP the file httpd.conf to an external device that contains a text editor.

  5. On the external device, open httpd.conf. Change AuthUserFile /cisco/merlot/safe-state/http-users to AuthUserFile /cisco/merlot/etc/http-users.default .

  6. Place the edited file back on the GSS via FTP or SCP.

    Note: Make sure the file is put back into the correct directory.

  7. Issue the show processes | grep httpd | killall -HUP httpd command on the CLI.

  8. Log in to the GUI. The username is admin, and the password is default.

  9. Change the admin password in the GUI using Tools -> User Administration -> Edit (select the admin icon). Do not use the Change Password menu that is displayed as the default page under Tools.

  10. Issue the gss restart command on the CLI to force the GSS to use the new admin account. You must enter this command before you can login with the new admin password. It may take a couple of minutes for the restart to finish (even though the prompt comes back fast). To find out the current status during this period, issue the gss status command on the CLI.

    Note: While the GSS is restarting, it will not be responding to Domain Name System (DNS) queries.

  11. Login with the username and password you entered in Step 9.

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006
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