Cisco CSS 11000 Series Content Services Switches

Workarounds for Console Problems on the CSS 11000

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006



The information in this document applies to all Cisco CSS 11000 series content services switches.

This document contains workarounds for these console problems:

  • When you attempt to console into the CSS 11000, you see the login prompt, but none of your keystrokes appear to have any affect.

  • When you attempt to console into the CSS 11000, you do not see anything on the console.

The cause of both of these problems can be an incorrect console adapter pinout. The CSS 11000 does not use a Cisco standard DB-9 console adapter pinout. The CSS 11000 ships with both a DB-9 and a DB-25 pinout, specifically made for the switch. The CSS 11000 also ships with a standard straight-through cable that should be used.



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The best solution to this problem is to use the console adapter pinout and cable that came with the CSS 11000. You can identify the adapter by its serial number, affixed to it on a white sticker. The serial number should be 048-00002-00 REV. A . If the adapter does not have this label, then it is probably not the correct pinout for use with the CSS 11000.

If you are unsure if the console adapter is the correct pinout, then try the adapter on a different Cisco device. If you get connectivity to a different Cisco device, then you know that the console adapter does not work with the CSS 11000.


If you cannot find the correct adapter, there are two workarounds to this problem:

  • If you have a configuration already built on the CSS 11000, you can Telnet to any of the circuit Virtual LAN (VLAN) IP addresses, as long as the CSS 11000 has a route back to the network on which your Telnet client resides.

  • The CSS 11000 is also equipped with a management interface typically located on the back of the CSS 11000. The management interface ships with the address already configured on it.

    Note: The management interface on the CSS 11000 is an out-of-band address. This means that your Telnet client must be on the same subnet as the management interface. For example, if your management interface is on with a subnet mask of, you need to configure your Telnet client to an IP address in the 1.1.1.x subnet (such as ). In addition, the subnet on which the management interface resides is not routable. This means that if you have a management interface with an IP address of and a subnet mask of, the entire 1.1.1.x subnet is unable to contact any device outside of the 1.1.1.x subnet.

Cable Pinout

You can use this cable pinout to connect the CSS 11000 console to a PC with a standard Cisco DB-9 adapter. See the Related Information section for more information about cable pinouts for the CSS 11000 series.

Full Cable (includes rollover and it is reversible):

-----Comm-server-side -----------------------------------Arrowpoint-side------------
---Color----------Purpose --- PIN #--- PINOUT -----PIN #----Purpose----------Color--
white-orange-----CTS-----------1--      1-1        --1------------------white-orange
------orange-----DSR-----------2--      2-6        --2---------RxD-------------green
-white-green-----RxD-----------3--      3-3        --3---------TxD-------white-green
--------blue-----GND-----------4--      4-7        --4-------------------white-brown
--white-blue-----GND-----------5--      5-5        --5--------------------white-blue
-------green-----TxD-----------6--      6-2        --6------------------------orange
-white-brown-----DTR-----------7--      7-4        --7---------GND--------------blue
-------brown-----RTS-----------8--      8-8        --8-------------------------brown

Summary (includes rollover and it is reversible):

Comm-server-side -------------------Arrowpoint-side---
--Purpose --- PIN # -----------------PIN #---Purpose--

If the solutions in this document do not work, contact Cisco Systems Technical Support by one of these methods:

Communications Application Settings

The setting for the communications application is 9600, 8, N, and 1, with flowcontrol Off.

Order a New Console Kit

Order Cisco part number CSS-CONSOLE-KIT= if you need to order a replacement console kit.

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006
Document ID: 15045