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Downgrading a CE-590 from ACNS 4.2.1 to a CE 2.5.1 Image

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006



This document provides information on the downgrade of a Cisco 590 Cache Engine (CE-590) from Cisco Application and Content Networking System (ACNS) 4.2.1 to a CE 2.5.1 image.



Before you begin this procedure, have these files available:

  • On your FTP server, the file ce590-ACNS-4.2.3-TO-CE-Cache-231.bin

  • On your TFTP server, the file ce590-cache-251.pax

Components Used

This document is not restricted to specific software and hardware versions.


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Perform these steps:

  1. Once you boot the CE-590, log in with the admin/default user name and password.

  2. Issue the show disks current command to be sure of the completion of the partition.

    If incomplete, partition the disk with the issue of this command:

    ContentEngine# disk config sysfs 5%
    !--- This can be any number, which depends on how you choose 
    !--- to do the configuration.
  3. Reload the CE-590.

  4. Log in, go to config mode, and configure any one interface.

    For example, configure e0, as this example shows:

    ContentEngine(config)# interface Ethernet0
    ContentEngine(config-if)# ip address x.x.x.x m.m.m.m
    ContentEngine(config-if)# exit
    ContentEngine(config)# ip route g.g.g.g
  5. Copy the downgrade image from the FTP server.

    This is an example:

    ContentEngine# copy ftp install  
  6. Reload the CE-590.

  7. Follow Step 4, and configure the interface IP and gateway IP address.

  8. Issue the show disks command for each disk in the list.

    The command syntax is:

    ContentEngine# show disks
  9. Transfer the upgrade image ce590-cache-251.pax via TFTP from the TFTP server.

    Issue these commands:

    ContentEngine# cd /local
    ContentEngine# copy tftp disk

    Follow the screen prompts.

  10. Reload the CE-590.

  11. Issue the show version command to be sure that you have the correct image.

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006
Document ID: 42064