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Password Recovery Procedure for the AON Node

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Updated: Nov 08, 2006



This document describes how to reset a password on an AON node, which includes the AON-SM, AON-NM, and AON Appliances.



Cisco recommends that you have knowledge of these topics:

  • AON 1.1


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Step-by-Step Procedure

Complete these steps to reset the password:

Note: Connect to the AON node through the terminal server if you use an AON-Appliance or AON-NM. Connect through CatOS or IOS if you use AON-SM.

  1. Issue the reload command to reload AON.

  2. Press ENTER when this message appears:

    AON boot: Hit RETURN to set boot flags

    The AON boot - enter bootflags message appears.

  3. Type 0x2000, and press ENTER.

    The AON prompt appears, without prompting you for a password.

  4. Type config term to enter the Configuration mode.

  5. Issue the login password command to enter a new password. For example: AON-NODE(config)> login password unencrypted cisco

  6. Press CTRL-Z to save the configuration.

  7. Issue the write memory command

  8. Issue the reload command again to reload the AON node in order to enable security.

Sample Output

                Welcome to Cisco AON Engine

Sat Jan 21 22:00:18 EST 2006
AON boot: hit RETURN to set boot flags: 0007

Available boot flags (enter the sum of the desired flags):
  0x0000 - exit this menu and continue booting normally
  0x2000 - disable login security

[AON boot - enter bootflags (type '-' to exit)]: 0x2000

!--- You enter the AON prompt without a password.
!--- Go into Configuration mode.

AON-NODE> configure terminal

!--- Use the login password command to set your password.

AON-NODE(config)> login password unencrypted cisco

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Updated: Nov 08, 2006
Document ID: 68860