Cisco TelePresence Recording Studio

Cisco TelePresence Recording Studio transforms Cisco TelePresence into a high-definition content studio. As a new compelling new application for end users, Cisco TelePresence Recording Studio takes Cisco TelePresence well beyond meetings and increases the value of your Cisco TelePresence assets.

While users and organizations increasingly create, distribute and consume video, it can be an expensive and time consuming venture to produce HD video. Meanwhile desktop video is still low quality. Cisco TelePresence Recording Studio provides a very simple, cost-effective way to easily create broadcast-quality video that can be immediately distributed to users.

Being able to use existing Cisco TelePresence rooms to easily create video content provides a cost effective way to allow people to collaborate and communicate more effectively and rapidly—using the most effective medium to deliver content and context. Video allows organizations to deliver powerful communications, enabling remote employees to feel more connected. Video also brings personalized news powerfully, more effective and timely training, or effective communications with remote time zones. All of this while enabling IT to provide a valuable new service with low TCO.

Cisco TelePresence Recording Studio provides onscreen prompting and visual aids that make the recording experience comfortable and easy-to-use. Recorded content is ready for immediate playback, allowing you to review the recorded session upon completion and then distribute the content to the appropriate parties. Secure authentication ensures that only the intended audiences views the right content.

Viewing and distributing video content is just as easy; you can replay recordings on Cisco TelePresence endpoints or on standard Web browsers. Distribution of your recording is accomplished via email right from the Cisco TelePresence IP Phone. You can also record your data presentations, which will fully synchronize with your audio and video recording. Integration with the Cisco Media Experience Engine enables you to immediately transcode your video recording and deliver to digital media players or video-enabled mobile phones.

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Cisco TelePresence Recording Studio

One-Touch HD Recording and Instant Delivery
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