Extending the Reach of Cisco TelePresence

Holding regular customer meetings? Initiating impromptu team collaboration? Making high-quality recordings? Retain the essential benefits of face-to-face collaboration with immersive virtual communications while reducing costly and unproductive travel time.

Now you can deploy and operate Cisco TelePresence in constrained bandwidth environments where the value of face-to-face collaboration is high. You can catch every conversational nuance and see even the smallest facial expression.

Cisco TelePresence Extended Reach will run at 720p resolution over lower bandwidth connections, while preserving the key attributes of the face-to-face Cisco TelePresence experience. Available in two modes, Cisco TelePresence Extended Reach will run over T-1/E-1 networks with quality of service, or high-bandwidth premium broadband connections such as FIOS or DOCSIS.

Cisco TelePresence Extended Reach augments the existing options of 720p or 1080p resolutions with high quality of service, providing the ability to see every conversational nuance and even the smallest facial gesture.

With Cisco TelePresence Extended Reach:

  • Large organizations can deploy scale Cisco TelePresence to branch offices, remote offices or even teleworkers cost effectively
  • Smaller companies can cost effectively implement Cisco TelePresence in several locations

Now, more organizations and more users in more places can now take advantage of the unique, award-winning power of Cisco TelePresence.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Extends immersive meetings to remote participants where multimegabit bandwidth is unavailable or costly
  • Enables Cisco TelePresence to operate at several different bandwidth levels for configurable, variable bandwidth consumption
  • Maintains 720p resolution, 30 frames per second performance, low latency, and minimal packet loss while running over constrained bandwidth links
  • Can be used in remote office, branch office, or telecommuter deployments.