Cisco TelePresence Event Controls

Now you can deliver compelling live events via 1080p HD video anywhere around the globe. Using Cisco TelePresence rooms, users can experience interactive events from a front row seat, with dozens of locations and hundreds of people participating at once.

With Cisco TelePresence Event Controls, event managers can tailor an event with many configurations:

  • Customize video and audio streams and target them to each location.
  • Switch multiscreen presentations on the fly.
  • Showcase VIP guests and speakers.
  • Deliver PC presentations.
  • Create the opportunity for spontaneous interaction with a global audience.

Speakers can see all participants easily, and audience members can participate in intimate, up-close Q&A never before available. Imagine being able to sit across the table from celebrities, world leaders, industry experts, or executives and personally ask questions and experience their reactions and expressions.

Together with the award-winning capabilities of Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch, Cisco TelePresence Event Controls provides you with a flexible and sophisticated solution for all your event needs. Offering several different modes for events and presentations, Cisco TelePresence Event Controls is ideal for company meetings, training, keynote speeches, publicity tours, all-hands meetings, virtual events, and even tradeshows.

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