Cisco TelePresence Over Satellite Network

Immersive Communication Anywhere You Go

CTS - Connect With The Troops

Connecting With The Troops

U.S. troops in Iraq connect with family and friends via Cisco TelePresence over a satellite network. (3:57 min)

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Communication with remote, isolated locations often suffer from slow responses, operational confusion, and, in extreme cases, more lives at risk. There is a better way to communicate with a deployed military unit, an energy exploration site, or a classroom in a distant country.

The Cisco TelePresence Over Satellite Networks solution extends the reach of Cisco TelePresence to remote, tactical locations where terrestrial bandwidth is not available. This solution enables government and military customers to exercise command, control, and communications between field commands and headquarters staff, and it allows enterprise customers such as oil and gas exploration companies and construction firms to give field personnel direct access to subject-matter experts.

Cisco TelePresence offers market-leading quality video and audio for immersive communication with remote, tactical locations where this level of immersive communications has never before been possible.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Relaxed latency, jitter, and packet-loss thresholds allow Cisco TelePresence to function effectively over poor, high-delay, real-world satellite networks.
  • Qualification and testing of Type 1 encryption devices with Cisco TelePresence enable military-grade call security.
  • New network and environment recommendations provide guidance for remote, tactical, and even mobile Cisco TelePresence deployment.

Sample Applications

  • A tactical military unit deploys to a remote location with no terrestrial connection. With the Cisco TelePresence Over Satellite Network solution, the unit receives clear and secure communications and can effectively carry out its missions while keeping senior staff updated on the tactical situation.
  • A large oil and gas exploration company establishes a drilling platform 100 miles off the coast of Mexico. With the Cisco TelePresence Over Satellite Network solution at the drilling platform, the company can scale scarce technical expertise and maintain a secure and direct line of communication with the field operation.
  • An archeological excavation team discovers a burial site with unidentifiable relics. With the Cisco TelePresence over Satellite Network solution, consultations with multiple experts are conducted and the origin of the finds identified without delay.

For More Information

For more information about Cisco TelePresence over Satellite Networks, visit: or contact your local Cisco account representative or authorized Cisco partner.