Implementation: How Do I Select a Service Provider?

Selecting a Service Provider

Optimize your Cisco TelePresence meeting experience with intelligent network and managed services that connect you with colleagues, prospects, and partners around the globe.

Managed Cisco TelePresence services are monitored around the clock and delivered over a converged IP network that allows you to reduce operational costs, focus on your business goals, improve productivity, and deploy collaboration capabilities across your organization with confidence.

Managed Cisco TelePresence endpoint services provide proactive monitoring and management. When selecting a service provider consider services that include the following capabilities:

  • A network operations center (NOC) to proactively and remotely monitor endpoint and network connectivity
  • Comprehensive service-level agreements (SLAs) for service performance
  • Skilled Cisco TelePresence room setup, ongoing room maintenance, and support
  • Concierge-class help desk and reservation services

Managed Cisco TelePresence network services deliver optimized network connection with the intelligence to assign priority and performance parameters for Cisco TelePresence traffic over a wide-area network. Services are designed to support intra- and intercompany communications with flexible security policy management capabilities. When selecting a service provider consider services capabilities that address your business needs for:

  • Geographic reach and performance values for network availability, packet delay, jitter, and loss ratios
  • Network security including: network-based session border control, Network Address Translation (NAT)/firewall traversal, route authentication, and support for encrypted sessions
  • A NOC to proactively and remotely monitor the network
  • Comprehensive SLAs for service performance including network availability, packet delay, jitter, and loss ratios

Service providers who have achieved the Cisco Powered designation can deliver the optimal collaboration experience through Cisco TelePresence managed endpoint and network services. The Cisco Powered managed service designation represents a service that meets or surpasses standards for a premium service experience as defined by Cisco and by industry best practices. This designation has been validated against Cisco's exacting standards through an objective, independent audit.

The Cisco Powered designation process also helps ensure that a static SLA is not the only measure of network performance. Annual audits of staff, processes, and tools help ensure that your service experience is optimized.

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