Maximizing the Experience on Your Network

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Ensure Your Network Infrastructure is Ready to Deliver the Best TelePresence Experience

Cisco TelePresence runs on your existing converged network and does not require a dedicated, separately managed infrastructure. This seamless integration provides total operating cost savings to your business.

The Network Delivers the Experience

To take advantage of all the benefits of Cisco TelePresence, your network infrastructure should be capable of handling its demands and anticipate those of other next-generation applications to come. There are four essential attributes that your network should feature:

  • Quality of Service (QoS ): Cisco TelePresence puts stringent requirements on latency, jitter and packet loss. All parts of your network infrastructure must collaborate to support intelligent QoS policies that are compatible across LAN and WAN nodes.
  • Non-stop Communications: Your network should be resilient to disruptions, support automated recovery of processes, and have the intelligence to balance the load.
  • Integrated security: Your network should be protected from internal and external threats, such as attempts to intercept the call, as well as threats such as worms, viruses, denial-of-service attacks. A self-defending network ensures delivery of comprehensive and easy to use security management.
  • Operational manageability: Your network should be easy to deploy and manage for network administrators. Management tools should help identify where potential for congestion exists on your network, and if the devices at those nodes are adequate. This will help automate management of your converged network.

Achieving these four attributes drives the features needed in your routing, switching and network management products. This includes Gigabit Ethernet capability, hardware redundancy, intrusion prevention, and real-time traffic monitoring. Cisco TelePresence delivers a superior experience because it relies on the high quality and performance Cisco designs into networks from end-to-end. Please visit the TelePresence Ready Infrastructure page to learn more about these requirements and recommended features.