Virtual Agent

High-Touch Face-to-Face Customer Service

Create a live, face-to-face interaction with your customers over the network. Cisco TelePresence Virtual Agent, a subset of Cisco TelePresence Expert on Demand, combines any Cisco TelePresence endpoint with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express to offer a highly-scalable way to engage face-to-face with customers. This fully-integrated contact center application displays customer data on agent desktops and supports skills-based routing, built-in Interactive Voice Response, and queuing. The life-size, high-definition video, CD-quality audio, and interactive elements of Cisco TelePresence give customers the feeling of an in-person meeting with a specialist agent, while the agent maintains full contact center functionality.

Key benefits

  • Provides high-touch, on-the-spot customer service, particularly when personal relationships or customer care are important to the interaction
  • Builds on existing investments to deliver a new customer service capability
  • Capitalizes on under-used service capabilities in geographically dispersed locations

Sample applications

  • A bank provides mortgage or insurance specialists to all branch offices through Cisco TelePresence so that expert advice is always available to customers.
  • A retail store offers expert guidance on home theater systems through Cisco TelePresence, so customers who are ready to make their purchases receive advice immediately.
  • A medical clinic calls in a specialist through Cisco TelePresence to consult on a case without requiring travel by either the patient or the specialist.
  • An enterprise manages 10 building lobbies with just three "virtual" lobby attendants using Cisco TelePresence.