Preparing for Implementation

Prepare for a High-Quality Cisco TelePresence Experience

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Ensuring a High-Quality Cisco TelePresence Experience is Easy

Cisco TelePresence can take your workforce and your business anywhere your network goes. Solution components include:

  • Hardware: In addition to the Cisco TelePresence technology, you will need codecs, cameras, lighting arrays, microphones, speakers, and endpoints. Some solutions also include furniture in the form of one half of a "virtual" table.
  • Software: Cisco TelePresence Manager provides event management, help desk, and consolidated device status reporting, while enabling integration with enterprise groupware which simplifies call scheduling and launching meetings.
  • Network Infrastructure: Cisco specializes in managing integrated, real-time applications that rely on the quality and intelligence of the network. This enables Cisco TelePresence to coexist with your other enterprise applications on a converged network. Bandwidth requirements depend on the resolution of your Cisco TelePresence Solution (720p or 1080p). Each screen generally uses 2 Mbps to 3 Mbps. Quality of Service, high availability and network management capabilities work together to deliver the highest user experience.
  • Room Selection: Considerations when choosing a room for your Cisco TelePresence Solution fall into four primary categories: environment/space, acoustics, illumination, and repeatability of the design.

Implementation and Management Assistance

Cisco offers expert assistance for every aspect of implementation. Cisco and certified partners can help you prepare your network and your meeting room.

  • Implementation Planning: Every deployment of Cisco TelePresence meeting rooms includes room and network assessments. Planning, design, and implementation services are part of Cisco's Lifecycle services approach.
  • Cisco TelePresence Experience Certification: To ensure the highest quality experience for users, Cisco has created a full certification process for all Cisco TelePresence Meeting Rooms , including acoustics, lighting, room color, and network design.
  • Financing Options: Cisco Capital offers a variety of flexible financing options.
  • Network Connectivity: Cisco encourages companies that purchase Cisco TelePresence Solutions to work with a Ciscocertified partner and/or their Cisco account team to assess their networks.
  • Post-Sales Technical Support: Essential Operate Service constitutes the core, post-sales technical support program and is sold through Cisco-certified Advanced Technology Partners. System-level service and support help you create and maintain a resilient, converged network that meets your business needs, while including options for remote monitoring, remote management, and optional help desk support.
  • Remote Management: For companies without the resources to manage Cisco TelePresence in-house, Cisco Powered Network Providers now offer a Cisco Certified TelePresence Network Connection which is uniquely optimized for Cisco TelePresence. Select Operate Services provides 24/7 remote management and monitoring of aspects from the network layer to the TelePresence system itself, plus optional help desk support.