Managed Services for Cisco TelePresence

Improve Your Global Collaboration

Create a high-quality collaboration experience with Managed Services for Cisco TelePresence.

Conduct effective virtual meetings with low capital and IT staff outlay. Scale meeting resources with cloud network-based conferencing. Managed and hosted services for Cisco TelePresence applications help you increase contact with colleagues, prospects, and partners, with less travel.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible and affordable solution options
  • Reduced IT staff requirements
  • Simplified, scalable deployment and operation
  • Higher frequency and quality of customer and partner contact

Managed and hosted services for Cisco TelePresence solutions include:

  • Managed and monitored Cisco TelePresence endpoints
  • Optimized Cisco TelePresence network connection services
  • Highly scalable intercompany services
  • Hosted conferencing and interoperability services
  • Concierge services

Managed and hosted services for Cisco TelePresence promote effective business collaboration environments. They lower your total cost of ownership and extend your IT and capital resources to help increase productivity and scalability.

Managed and hosted Cisco TelePresence services can enhance business collaboration strategies to:

  • Deliver complete, end-to-end Cisco TelePresence as a service solution with no initial capital outlay
  • Facilitate deployment, operation, and management of Cisco TelePresence services across your organization or around the world
  • Help enable highly secure intercompany Cisco TelePresence collaboration between customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Scale meetings with cloud network-based conferencing and interoperability services

Additional services to enhance business deployments include:

  • Intelligent network services optimized for Cisco TelePresence meetings
  • Scheduling, concierge services, and help-desk support
  • Public Cisco TelePresence Suites to connect remote attendees and traveling executives to your TelePresence meeting

Flexible Options to Meet Your Needs

Managed services for Cisco TelePresence are delivered by Cisco and qualified Cisco partners, providing customers with the flexibility to obtain fully managed end-to-end solutions or options. Customers can select from a range of service offerings for:

  • Managed Cisco TelePresence endpoints
  • Optimized networks
  • Scalable cloud- based conferencing and interoperability services
  • Value-added concierge and media services

Options for managed services for Cisco TelePresence include:

Benefit from Cisco's telepresence expertise with these services:

    • Use the service provider locator to find recommended service providers, with the managed Cisco TelePresence endpoint and network connection designations, in the Cisco Powered Program.
    • Cisco Webex TelePresence for smaller businesses getting started with video