Interprovider Cisco TelePresence

Interprovider Cisco TelePresence extends and expands collaboration options across telecommunication provider networks to simplify and improve the service experience. Cisco TelePresence Service provider cloud and exchange architecture helps global and regional service providers deliver new collaboration capabilities across network borders.

With Interprovider Cisco TelePresence, you can connect disparate enterprise and telepresence deployments over different service provider networks. This gives you real-time Cisco TelePresence meetings in a highly secure, consistent, and transparent manner. Easily expand your video community and collaboration capabilities anywhere with interprovider cloud and exchange services.

Interprovider Cisco TelePresence helps you promote business collaboration by:

  • Retaining business-class treatment for real-time Cisco TelePresence traffic and collaboration tools
  • Extending remote services and resources across network boundaries
  • Accelerating the impact of Cisco TelePresence collaboration globally and across network boundaries
  • Communicating clearly and reliably with separate divisions, recent acquisitions, and partners using different networks
  • Using provider cloud and exchange network capabilities to scale deployment and reach across your organization and ecosystem

Interprovider Cisco TelePresence Cloud and Exchange Services are now available from leading service providers around the world, including AT&T, BT, Orange, Tata, Telefonica, Verizon, and others.